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Protect Your Business As You Expand It with Peter Hoppenfeld


Peter Hoppenfeld is a lawyer who really understands marketing and a marketer who happens to be a lawyer. His uses more of a holistic approach to representing clients that aims to bring peace of mind and direction to the business and legal issues that successful, dynamic entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. As a lawyer, adviser, counselor and friend, he tries to integrate himself into his clients' inner circles and provide a caring, yet dynamic, contribution to their lives and businesses. Listen as Peter shares some of the knowledge and insight he has gained in his 35 years of experience.


  • How to protect yourself and your business (no matter how big or small)
  • The importance of quality legal documents (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, etc.).
  • Monitoring social media posts from customers about your product/services.
  • Why Unresolved complaints are a major issue.
  • How to pick the right business partner
  • The importance of Trademarks and owning your content

Peter likes having regular, long-term clients so that he can share in the growth and maturity of their business, but he also takes on projects on a project-fee basis and can offer hourly rates.

You can contact Peter at, on his website or on his Facebook Page

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