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How Power Offers Create The Perfect Expert Business with Joel Erway


If I offered to show you how to turn a two sentences into a $10,000 plus course, coaching or service, using a backwards funnel, a 2-sentence Power Offer, and 10-minute Mini-Webinar… and spend up to 90 percent less on ads, would you take me up on that offer?

If the answer is yes, listen to Joel Erway explain a revolutionary and simple framework to increase your revenues without complexity or overwhelm by focusing on Offer-Based Marketing.

Joel Erway helps Experts semi-retire with million dollar courses. Since 2015 he has worked with and served thousands of paying customers, helping them launch and sell their courses using The Perfect Expert model framework.

You'll Discover

  • How to turn a $500 course into a $10,000 course
  • How to use a Mini-Webinar to recruit your dream clients
  • How to make and validate an Irresistible Offer
  • Why Offer-based marketing is better than Education-based marketing
  • 3 steps to making it work without tech or overwhelm

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