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Social Media Content Explosion: Create 8 Engaging Assets From 1 Piece of Content (While You Sleep) with Shaina Weisinger


These days, attention is currency. If you own a business or are trying to build a personal brand (or both) you need to get discovered. But creating enough social media content to stay cool and relevant can be expensive and time consuming.

Creating short, snackable social media content is one of the most effective things to do but it's a pain to manage it all.

That's why I invited Shaina Weisinger on, the founder of Repurpose House to explain how they show marketers the full potential of their content by turning blogs, videos (that can be made with the help of the professionals from Corporate video Toronto), and podcasts into shareable video and images for every social media platform.

What are snackable social media assets?

They look a lot like this…

Today, Shaina's going to how they take 1 piece of content and turn it into 8 amazing social media content assets in 8 hours, while you sleep.

What To Expect From Repurpose House

Repurpose House


About The Guest

Shaina Weisinger is the Founder and CEO of Repurpose House, which turns long-form content into optimized videos and images for high engagement social media strategies.

Shaina has a background in video production for digital marketing and is on a mission to show content creators the untapped potential and repurposing power of the content that they already have.

She has taught about content in many publications including DigitalMarketer, Inc., and Startup Nation, and continuously offers valuable takeaways by interviewing industry experts from world recognized brands such as Godaddy, HubSpot, MarketingProfs, and more through her video podcast, The Content Coalition.

Social Media Content Explosion

Brad: [00:00:10] We're going to talk about one of the most time-consuming but effective pains in the butt parts of our digital marketing services that a lot of people a lot of companies really need to be doing but end up not doing it because it's just such a pain to manage the workflow and I'm talking about creating viral engaging snackable social media content that can be used throughout your marketing.

Whether you're building a personal brand or trying to showcase your business, if you're a podcaster if you've got a YouTube show, I think we all understand the necessity to create content out there constantly that people pay attention to and get engaged with.

I know for a fact whenever whenever I share an entire hour long episode of this show on my any of my social media files people just oftentimes ignore it. Or they might click on it or see it and then they see it say this is an hour-long or even 30 minutes long or hell even 5 minutes long is probably too much.

However, whenever I take little audiograms or little clips of videos or quote cards from the show and I share those out those get attention and they create desire for people to kind of come back and ask for more.

This idea of repurposing content and create taking one piece and exploding it out.

There has been made really popular by some social media celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk everybody knows or should know who that is. The problem is he's got this entire team this ginormous company who's following him around creating video, repurposing this stuff and it's overwhelming for most people to do including myself.

That doesn't mean it's not necessary. It also doesn't mean there's not a solution. Today going to show you how to do this without building an entire team.

Her name is Shana Weisinger. She is the founder of and Repurpose House is the company that you take your content to to repurpose it and create all types of assets that allow you to get a lot more exposure and a lot less time with literally zero.

Shana, welcome to the show.

Shaina: [00:02:18] Well, thank you for having me and you nailed Weisinger. Well done. Usually Shaina's the one that gets butchered though. So you did get on both fronts.

Brad: [00:02:24] I wasn't sure how that was going to go. But I was I was hoping so

But yeah, this is one of those as my listeners know that I only bring people on the show that I have.

Curiosity about who you are how you're doing what you're doing and how we can leverage that whether it's just myself or for my clients or for my business partners etc.

And this is one of those I've tried to figure it out for a long time and I want to kind of go into this about you know your story and you know, why you created this what weree you doing before you created this solution for the marketplace, found this gap, nailed the offer quite like you've done and I want to hear more about your story

Shaina: [00:03:03] Yeah. Awesome. Well, thank you. So a like high level overview RepurposeHouse basically takes any type of long form content so it can be text video audio and we'll chop it up into a bunch of little tiny Snippets that are formatted for all of the different platforms.

So we'll do like video memes audiograms will do text motion videos out of blog posts image quotes.

I mean you name it, we chop it up and make it all optimized for social and I'll be honest it took a hot minute to get here. And like many interesting business ideas.

It kind of came out of a random series of events. So I actually have a background video production. I used to do video production for strategic marketing campaigns.

So initially, I would be talking to businesses and they'd be like, I need this epic five minute video about us and it needs to be crazy heavily produced. And the first thing that I would tell people is just no. No, that's not what you need because nobody cares about who you are right now. How about we still create the why video?

Like, who are you? What do you do? But also what are you going to create that actually give some sort of value in generates interest about yourself?

And what what can you give to people that will help them in their lives or their businesses? Right? So I promoted doing a lot of like value based content and that kind of led into doing video podcasts for my clients so I was offering these little video memes for a part of that service.

And I was trying to get a bunch of other podcasters on board with doing video and like some bigger prominent podcasters and I explain to them what the offering was and they were all like, yeah. Yeah, we don't care about the video part. But if you only created those little assets for us, we will throw our money at you and I was like that that's what it is really and so I started to do some research and found that there were a lot of ways to do it yourself, you know Headliners great out.

There is much different apps out there that work really well, but. Really just offered it as a very specific niche solution is it niche or is it niche. I never really know which one to use.

Brad: [00:05:06] I say niche.

Shaina: [00:05:07] Okay. We'll go with niche.

So there's nobody really just had it down to that niche of just repurposing for social media and taking the headache out of having to do it for yourself.

There were other like agencies who will take a piece of content repurpose it for blogs and podcasts and then video for Youtube and do all of this stuff.

But that's more of like a bigger type all-encompassing agencies solution. I didn't want to do that. I wanted to do something very, very tailored to social and initially actually it started off as a company called podcast memes because we were just doing podcasts video and audio but I realized very quickly in the first couple of months that podcasters were not exactly the demographic.

Some of them were like, this is amazing. They totally got the value but the majority of them were like, I can't afford a hundred and fifty dollars to have all of this crazy content created and we were like beating our heads against the wall until I realize like I was like, what is the common denominator between all of our existing clients who are great clients, and it wasn't that they were podcasters.

It was that they were marketers who were using podcasting as one arm of their content marketing strategy. And so yeah, right. I was like they get it they get the value and they were just great clients.

You know what I mean? So I was like, all right. Well, let's just Rebrand let's recreate and then I decided that we're going to go back to talking to marketers, which is what I was used to anyway with video production.

So there we rebranded to repurpose house kind of Reform out of the offer and yeah, it's been crazy ever since.

Brad: [00:06:38] So let's go into because I've seen everything you've done. I've looked at it and for a lot of folks who are listening on just the audio of this they may not. Have a really good idea of what it is.

Although folks. If you click through to the to the show notes on the page. I'll have a bunch of different examples of what chain is company is done with links and examples so you can always click over and look at that.

But let's talk about some of the assets you create and let's do it in the context of the workflow.

So I've got a podcast and. As of right now we're looking at each other. We're recording this on Zoom. I'm recording the video. I can see your smiling face there, but I don't always use the videos in my marketing simply because I'm lazy and I just don't have anybody to take those and find the clips and throw it out there

Shaina: [00:07:31] you and everybody else.

But so

Brad: [00:07:35] I but I've got it so let's talk about two things at once, which is let's go through the work like the typical workflow for a podcaster.

But I want people who aren't podcasters to understand that this is not just a podcast service. If you are if you're creating content, like if you're creating just audio content and you want to you want to spice up that audio content with extra graphics and what they call audiograms, which you'll see on the show notes page an example.

I actually do a lot of them if you follow me on social media. If you were a speaker, I would think if you're like a public speaker a keynote speaker and you're recording a lot of these videos you could take one video and break that up into you know, 20 different little clips and asset like a hundred different assets. It's just from one speech, right?

So I want people to keep that in mind that no matter how you're creating content. You have the ability to take that and explode that out into a lot of different assets, but. As I've got the most selfish podcast on iTunes, let's talk about me.

Shaina: [00:08:36] Perfect. And here we have.

Brad: [00:08:38] Take us through the assets created in the workflow of how this might work.

Shaina: [00:08:41] Yeah, you got to enter also before I dive into that to piggyback on what you are already saying like that. I think that people are surprised. The type of content that they are actually sitting on that they didn't even think about as something that they could repurpose like books.

If you have a book you can repurpose that detects motion. If you've got webinars that you want to chop up and have little tiny bits and pieces to promote the webinar. Those are great like they literally any. Thing that you've created that is content. I can guarantee you have some piece of gold in it that you can then repurpose for all the social channels.

So as I'm talking about this most spectacular podcast that we could be talking about think about all those other things that you've already created and apply them there. So essentially what happens is you would finish recording your podcast. It would go into podcast land get all edited get all pretty and then you would go into our ticketing platform initially.

We would have already created template sets for you. Right? So you would have multiple templates sets that would either be just for your podcast or you would have like a podcast templates.

And then possibly like a personal brand template set, you know, you could have 10 as many times as you want and we would just know which one it is that we're going to use for this piece of content.

So you would say okay. Here's the piece of content. Here's what we're titling this ticket and I want between the the three minute and 12 seconds mark and the 4 minute and two second mark.

That's my piece of gold that I really want pulled out of this to be repurposed for social media.

You would basically say here's the headline for it, go! And depending on what plan you're on the most popular one is our influencer, if you submit that ticket by 5 p.m. by 8 a.m. the next business day, you would have a square audiogram that has the headline on it. The moving wave forms branded to your podcast.

If you have a guest the guest images on there as well as you depending on what the template looks like. It's got the captions burned on it. You'll have a vertical one that's formatted for IG TV and stories that also has a captions burned on it that also one of the fun things people run into is when they try to preview to feed on Instagram at crops everybody. Instagram Follower kaufen by using and following this link that is mentioned here which explains completely about all the package details.

Everybody and everything out of the video. So we make sure everything crops properly. It's beautiful and then you'll get a landscape version so you can post that little bite-size snippet on YouTube as well and make sure that that little piece of content is heavily searchable because you're probably talking about something very specific then you'll get image quote.

So you would have let them know here's the 25 words. That was the most baller thing that my guests could have said or you I mean, hey, depending on who you want to highlight right up to 25 words, you'll get that in square. Landscape for Twitter vertical for stories and then you'll get a thumbnail for YouTube and a Facebook thumbnail which people don't understand the need for that.

If you run any kind of ad budget on Facebook you boost post if you actually run ads on it, you'll know that once you put a big headline on it Facebook doesn't like all that text.

So they're going to say no that's not going to run won't do it. But the little known secret is that if you put a thumbnail on it that has under 20% text it cruises through like a dream, so we Supply those.

Well in case you do want to boost the post to an audience. Yeah, and it basically is 8 assets by 8 a.m. The next morning in your inbox.

Brad: [00:11:46] That's fantastic. Thank you. Love it. And it's one of the like I'm and I love how quickly the turnaround is. I mean that's not even something that's even more than I would need because I do one one a week.

So it's that's even like over delivery. But  it's great because sometimes you just want to get this stuff out you want to have stuff, you know, that's fresh to post.

I also like the fact however why well, it's actually not over doing it because that's if I was just posting one thing. You know about your show for instance then that would be all right.

I just need I just need one. However, we're going to be talking here for 30 minutes 60 Minutes. However long and chances are you're going to say more than one smart thing on the way, so right so far so good, but this would allow me to say okay here are I pulled out five clip from you. So I write if I'm doing one a week.

And if I if that's all I'm doing one episode a week, but I have the ability to do what asked for five a week?

Every business day, then that means I can create all these assets that they can then go into to my social media manager and they can load up the social media software that you're using whether you're using social be your buffer anything like that and they can start to populate it so that you almost or you really do never run out of social media posts to make.

Because you have the ability to make so many from your various things, right? So I love that

Shaina: [00:13:15] And well and one thing that people really especially podcasters don't leverage as much as I I just know that they should our past episodes like if you had an amazing guest not like everybody's always chasing that new episode.

But if you had like, let's say you had a garyvee on your right arm one of your episodes, right? Why are you not. All the time taking clicks Clips out of that episode and repurposing them and throwing them on social media and I hear it's crazy how often I hear people say, oh, well, everybody already saw that episode or listen to that episode.

I'm like, hold on everybody did because I mean, let's maybe your existing audience that's been there for the last six months since that episode aired has listened to it, but you can always be generating new people who are interested in those those guests and then that brings new listeners. A show like to think that your content that you've already created is dead in the water is ridiculous.

You spent time and energy and possibly money creating all of it. So consistently repurposing it and generate if it did well for you in the past in generating New Leads or opt-ins or site visits that it will still do well for you if it's evergreen content.

Brad: [00:14:23] Yeah, that's so important. And once more it's intimidating.

I know I've got multiple clients that I've talked to and they know the need to put out content, but they hate doing it. Yeah, they hate it because I mean they're busy and if you're an entrepreneur if you're running a business and your business, especially if your business is not a personal brand and you're doing personal branding things just to support your business, you want to be able to do a little bit of content and then have a team take that and blow it up and do as much as you possibly can with it and not have to just constantly just create more stuff, right?

Your offer is amazing and it's very I think it personally I think it sells itself.

You got great assets you take time. You create quality work you take you give people back their time while giving them a great asset. The nice part is I don't think it takes over selling what you've got people either want to create content or they've created content. They want to distribute it or they don't I want to talk a little bit about now the your personal side on building this business, so.

First is how long ago when did you when did you start  Repurpose House?

Shaina: [00:15:31] So the Rebrand to Repurpose House was in November of 2018. So we're about 10 months old 11 months old now. Yeah.

Brad: [00:15:37] Yeah. Okay. So perfect and then what have been some of the challenges that you faced in starting it up because I know that you know, this is you're dealing with a team and outsourcers or employees for remote jobs or combination of both and then technology and then workflows and processes.

Did it. Did it take a little while to. I kind of get that liked it. Was it starting small and then starting to grow up because I could see how this is going to be very systems and sop oriented as you get new people in you want somebody to come in and keep it standardized.

Shaina: [00:16:10] Yeah hundred percent. So actually I built it to scale. And actually I actually have the great fortune of knowing Russ Perry of Design Pickle.

I went to the Philippines with them doing video production to help him create videos for recruiting. So I got a chance to interview his staff, you know talk about what their experiences have been and then he sat me down.

He was like listen video production is not scalable. You have the capabilities of creating something that is so. Think about what that is and start really dialing that in because you know, there's only so much of this that you can do and I was already in that place where I was drowning. So when I did start this business I was able to pick his brain about some of the things that he had done to scale design pickle.

I mean, they ended up hitting like the $10 million mark at year 3. So scaling was a big part of his game plan and he already went through the pains to figure out how to make that happen and granted our businesses have similarities, but there's also a lot of differences we're dealing with different types of media, but I definitely got to pick his brain on how.

He had created some systems and processes for hiring for training things like that.

But from the very very ground level like I had to go in and find other tools that really worked well to expedite these processes. Like we initially were not playing from scratch in creating these in like, you know, Adobe or anything like that.

We were using headliner initially and now it's like a paid service. So we brought that internally we've created new systems for that. But like I've implemented really aggressive training programs when we hire. Well, they're always full time. We don't have contractors. So everybody works eight to five their own time they have weekends off. They like if they're starting to work overtime like we're figuring out ways to minimize that because one of our principles is all well-being and like taking care of yourself. Do you know

In my personal Journey? I've learned that that's very important the hard way. So I want to make sure that that's a part of my business that I get to kind of foster.

So yeah, everybody's full time but what we do when we hire is we put. People who we think are good culture fits through our three-day training and we pay them for the three-day training and then we say listen, we reserve the right to say you're a great fit or you're not a great fit, but then the nice thing is if they are a great fit there on the bench and they're ready to start the second that we need them full-time.

So, We always have a bench full of people who are trained and ready to rock and roll that we know are going to be awesome and they already know what they're doing. They're already plugged into our systems. They have accounts for everything they need accounts for and we just basically say here's your start date.

Let's go when we have the client support it that's worked out really really well for us with scaling.

Brad: [00:18:38] Oh, that's fantastic. How have you been doing your marketing to get new clients etc.

Shaina: [00:18:43] So Traffic and Conversion Summit was crazy for us.

That was kind of our unveiling to the marketing world.

Brad: [00:18:49] Did you speak or did you just have a booth?

Shaina: [00:18:51] I had a booth so. Again, we had rebranded like mid-november. We were just starting to put the word out and just do some cold outreach and I was like, here's the deal,

I'm just going to spend the money on the booth because we will know for sure if like, this is something that's going to work or something that's not going to work. This audience will let us know and so we got there and it was like. It was Bonkers. So it's been a lot of referrals people who either really love the service and our clients or they're using us as a we have a great affiliate program as well a lot of word of mouth a lot of podcasts.

We haven't invested a lot of money in marketing and it's been scale like we're keeping up with the scale, which is awesome. But it's been a lot of just like Word of Mouth type stuff this like awesome conversations like this that we get to have but we just started doing a really amazing cold outreach via email that's been crazy effective, which is crazy to me because everybody hates email marketing especially cold email marketing, but we get e-mails back consistently that are like, we don't really need the service not I mean people need to service in the service, but the people who don't always respond and they're like, this is an amazing outreach.

We actually got an email today. Somebody asking us if we could train their team on how to do it. So we're actually going to sell the Sops and the training on how we're doing this cold Outreach because we've doubled last 3 months because of it.

Brad: [00:20:11] So I was actually going to suggest that I was going to give you some unsolicited advice.

I was going to say, you know, because it's a very proven model to teach the teach the method for free and then like get and then but then sell done for you because. You can see if somebody wants to play around with it as like I've used the those apps and some of the other apps you've talked about in the past and I think they're great and and I can do some of this myself, but it's definitely not something a I need to be doing personally and then be just hiring somebody else training them to do it and you know with the product I service you guys have created it.

It's kind of a no-brainer to either a show people how to do it for free or even sell the course. In fact, I you know putting my marketers hat on my eyes, I would probably show them how to do one or two things for free. Like how did how to use headliner to create this but then what I would probably do is sell the a training course on the SOP's, like here's how to do your team and then if you don't want to do all that other stuff just let us do it.

Shaina: [00:21:19] Yeah we are actually in the process of that. So I actually I've did a lot of snot a lot but a good amount of speaking this year and most of the speaking has been showing people how to use headliner because inevitably out of that group, there's a good chunk of them who are like I don't I don't have time or want to spend time doing that so we can just hire you to do it it always pays itself back in dividends.

But right now we're working on an sop that we're going to sell and essentially it's not just like how to repurpose your content, but it's also like creating a content strategy and building that and learning how to hire the right people as VA's to do it. But inevitably what comes out of that is like this piece of it, what we do is a super time suck and training people how to do it and how to manage it is crazy.

You can get great value out of all this other stuff that you've paid for in the SOP'S, but we will train you how to do it or just hire us like it doesn't make any sense not to but it's great because it's helping get the people who are maybe aren't in the place of where they need us yet get to that place.

So I'm kind of fostering that. And eventually bringing them into like the repurpose house family as a client.

Brad: [00:22:23] Now, are there any other there any other services products tweaks to this that are kind of on your someday wish list, like maybe we'll add this or that like there any thing kind of in the ideation development phase or no?

Shaina: [00:22:40] That's so I actually we went through this process about six months ago where we were like what else can we offer and it very rapidly turned into no just hang on. Let's stay in our lane because I have the marketing background. Like I know how to you know, the type of copy to post on social media like we were talking a lot of people ask us like will great but do you post the content and we played with figuring that out and ultimately what it came down to was you have to have an agency like type mentality.

You have to like provide analytics and you've it's just all a mess. Like we're going to be the content delivery platform and that's going to be it. But one thing that were consistently having to stay up-to-date with our things like when Gary V says you have to have an audio pop up in the first second of your video.

Now, we have to figure out a way to implement that quickly and you know, add it into our Sops and added into our trainings because we can't not be doing all the things that. Cutting Edge like what we makes an

Brad: [00:23:36] Audio pop-up? What is an audio pop up in a video? What do you mean by that?

Shaina: [00:23:40] So it's a sent general logo sting is for those who don't know what a logo sting is basically like the logo pops up.

It does something cute. It's got an audio ding to it whatever but it's very short very sweet to the point. And so what he's doing it's funny because one of our clients is war room and that's the ones that we started implementing it for and they were like, okay we need to have the logo pop up really fast.

Gary Vee Audio Popup Example

But it needs to be after one second of like this or some like short clip that or what like something short that they say in the whole length of the video. So it's like, oh you'll never believe this one thing then Bing logo pop up, then it goes into the very beginning of the video and all the way through so now we're having to implement that piece like we had to implement the status far at that wasn't there initially.

So now like as you're watching you'll see the bar crawl across the screen and that's a whole deal. And then the last thing one thing that we are working on are really customized waveforms for the audiograms and making those a little cooler than just the average but it's ever-changing. That's the thing like social media itself as ever-changing like when we had to redo all the IG TV formatting we had to go through all of our clients templates and make adjustments so that they fit properly when they crop down so really for me, it's just keeping up with being cutting edge on the trends and just being ahead of it.

More so than being able to do it yourself on those platforms.

Brad: [00:24:55] Speaking of like social media posting management? If you align yourself with any social media agencies or people to wear like I'm not going to build it, but will create a strategic partnership of people who are kind of trained and vetted in essence to where if somebody comes to you and like this is great, but I need to hire a social media manager. If you haven't done that that's one of the things I would definitely jump out for sure who can realign with.

Shaina: [00:25:18] Yeah, we've got a handful of freelancers and then we have agencies so it depending on how big or how small the needs are like some people just need you to post like a couple times a week on each platform.

That's fine other people are like listen. I need a fully a full-fledged like marketing strategy that far exceeds the you know, just the social media pieces. So I've got we've got partners on, you know, all the different fronts. It really just is a conversation we have to have to know who we really need to connect them with.

Brad: [00:25:42] Makes sense. Now what what's kind of a nut you're trying to crack right now?

Like is there something that is kind of like a stubborn problem a challenge something that you are seeking a solution to maybe it's a person you're trying to meet money or trying to raise a skill you're trying to learn?

Shaina: [00:25:59] Yeah, you know for me, I really want to be talking and educating talking to an educated people like speaking.

I love getting in front of crowds of people and actually seeing the light bulbs go off while they're sitting in front of me, you know, so if anybody got value learn anything out of this and they think that other people they know would get value out of it like I would love to see, train, however, whatever works because like I told you like I have no problem giving away the farm because ultimately it's going to be a great fit for you to do it yourself or to teach somebody to do it or it's going to be a great fit for you to come and become a part of our family.

So either way like I've I love educating it's one of the core values that I made sure is in my cup my company's basically all the things that I get excited about and I was like, well if I'm going to build it it's going to basically be all the stuff that I'm pumped about.

Brad: [00:26:43] Exactly now do you have do you have your own show at all? Whether it's YouTube or podcast or anything at the moment?

Shaina: [00:26:48] Yes. Actually, we wrapped season one because I think we're going to reap recreate the next season. It's called the Content Coalition though and the guests that I had a chance to talk to where I like. My mind was blown on many of them. So I got a chance to talk to really incredible people who do amazing things with all types of content because I knew I was talking to content creators.

So we talked everything from like SEO podcast. Video production. I mean anything you can imagine content-wise. I got a chance to talk to some really incredible people and pick their brains about, you know, some of their best tips tricks and one thing that I had made sure to do at the end of every episode was asked for one implementable thing that the person listening or watching can do in the next 48 hours without a team of like 50 people.

So there's always some takeaway that you can say, okay, I can actually now go and take action and it's not like a ridiculous by or you know, Manpower and it's been really fun. So it was a great season.

Brad: [00:27:48] So along that line. What is one implementable thing that somebody can go out and do right now with that without having to hire your company without having to spend a whole bunch of money or learn something totally crazy if you got any?

Shaina: [00:28:04] Touche my friend!

Yeah, I would say start making a list of all of the content that you have forgotten that you've created and decide what pieces of those are evergreen and if there's little tiny pieces that you can take out of them we've learned that especially the blog posts you can take up to a hundred words of those use a you know, a platform like wave dot video.

I'm not telling you to do this right now, but you can if you're in the blog up to a hundred words generally equals about 90 seconds of video If you create some cool text motion, so think about how many social media videos you can make with a couple of blog posts. So I would just say start taking inventory on what you have and then really.

See just how much you can use that's already exists to explode your social media presence.

Brad: [00:28:52] That's fantastic. I love it. You know, it's funny. That's one of the things I've started to do is create a spreadsheet database of my existing content out there and I did started to put this in together about a year ago and I start to add to it.

I have to remind myself whenever I create content to add to it. Yeah, my podcast is actually not one of them because I know where those exist but I've created I you know, I've guessed posted on big articles whether it's on, you know, digital or entrepreneur or Medium or something of my own whether there's certain YouTube videos or better than others and you know, some of this stuff just gets lost and you realize wow, that was really good, I'm just not repurposing it. I'm not doing anything with it.

So I've started to filter them and categorize them and say okay which of these could potentially be reused and how because I think that if people realize how much they could really. It takes a lot of weight off of having to create new things right super super powerful along those lines with what you were talking about a second ago as well how look I'll teach you, I'm an open book. I'll teach you everything you need to know.

Obviously your your offer is “we'll do it for you. If you don't want to go through all the grunt work.”

Shaina: [00:30:03] right? Yeah, exactly and actually to your point about them actually doing the whole deal and you kind of going through your content.

One thing that we did mention before is that a part of the existing headache when you do sign up for a purpose house at times is that you have to go through your existing content and find the pieces, but we just disclaimer everybody we actually have an ad. That we can have our contact here. It is go through your stuff for you.

So like that's another thing like if you want to fully adjust take it and go like we can do that as well. I know that that's some people are like, oh man now I got to go through all my stuff. Well, not necessarily

Brad: [00:30:38] Now, that's beautiful and actually that you know, I would say that you could I've seen the price you charge for that and it's very reasonable fact, I would say that that could be one of those really big up, you know ticket up cells because.

If that's probably the one of the more painful things it's I hate to watch and listen to myself go through all this stuff and I'm like, I'm sure if I did a you know, I'm sure I've got a lot of videos and audios and stuff that I said a lot of smart things that I would love out there, but I'm not going to sit through and comb through them and try to find them even on this program Descript that I was showing you offline.

Yeah. Hey, I can have an hour-long transcript, but I don't want to sit there. Pull out that the smart things I said in order to put it out there having somebody who is got a discerning eye for that takes a skill set. And I think that's so important cause that's when you can get this super quality.

Shaina: [00:31:32] Yeah for sure. And I mean that's really where like that was the one out on for us that was important because we had to make sure that it was an agency type person like an actual marketing Guru, right? So like it's it becomes more of an agency type of conversation that we have. Like who was your audience?

What is your messaging? Like? What is your like tone feel like so we have to know all those things in advance to know what types of Clips will really resonate but then yeah from there on it's like and it's a fine tunings type situation the first couple of weeks, but ultimately it's like it that.

Alleviating that pain point was super important a couple of months ago when we started to implement that one and its people have been super thrilled because it was one of the only thing stopping people from signing up who were ready to do it, you know?

Brad: [00:32:18] Well Shaina I can't thank you enough for sharing this even more in-depth. I know we talked offline the other day just as a legitimate interested, you know prospect both myself, then several clients who I think could really really utilize your services and I know that I sure as heck don't want to build it all myself, even though I know how but I want to thank you for sharing this with everybody today and you know to my to my listeners.

Think back on this like this is this is one of those things if you're trying to get attention in this world, this is super important. Gary V is probably  the leadingaAuthority on this and I don't care what your opinion is on Gary's advice his style etc. Some people love him. Some people can't stand him.

I love Gary and I love the things he says it's overwhelming to do everything Gary says and that's one of the hard parts but it doesn't have to be and that's one of the things that Shana here has really given folks a leg-up is that you can. Do a lot of the necessary things to get the attention whether you are a podcaster.

You're a YouTuber you just put things out on on social media. My wife is a great example while we were talking my wife texted me a video. She did it work and she's a mortgage loan officer and she's like, hey, I'm gonna post this out. Does it look good and I was able to see the screenshot I wasn't able to watch what she did, but she does these every once in a while and it's.

She's professional and she talks about a this is what's up, but it's just a video and nothing else and people like even like her who can take this stuff and put it out get you know, punch it up make it watchable make it engaging is really critical. So, you know like Shannon said doesn't matter what kind of assets you have.

You might be really surprised by the way. Is there anything like if somebody wants to? Potentially hire you or your company, but they're not a hundred percent. Sure. Do you have an avenue to where they can't do a consultation with somebody to kind of get some questions answered?

Shaina: [00:34:33] Yeah, of course, so we actually talked to the majority of our clients before they sign up because you know, everybody has their own use case they want to figure out how it works in their systems and processes.

So if you go to I'm sure there's a link somewhere down on this show notes page, but if you go to the website, there's always a. Schedule a chat and you can go ahead and there and you'll talk to somebody on the team who can go ahead and walk you through the whole process. We have art we've created videos as well just to show you exactly how everything works and there's also a 14-day guarantee.

So if you get into it and you're like Hey, listen, this is just not my jam. It's not going to work out well refund you in two weeks. I mean, we really believe in what we do and if we're not helping you then, you know, no harm no foul.

Brad: [00:35:15] I love it. Well Shaina. Thank you very much for joining me for everybody else wants more go to the show notes.

Click on whatever you're watching or listening this. On click on the show notes, you'll come to the page. You can see all of the various examples and if you get a

Once more they'll be a link in the show notes. So you don't have to type that in you just click on click on it and you can check this out take advantage of this because if you're trying to get attention, this is a great way to do it.

Shaina thanks again for joining me on the show.

Shaina: [00:35:47] Yeah. Thanks for having me. This has been great.

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