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Russell Brunson: Proven One-Click Sales Funnels At Your Finger Tips


You'll see me talk a lot about sales funnel on this show because it's such an essential part to marketing and selling any business… especially an online business.  And if they frustrate you or you don't know a lot about them, then you're going to love this episode!

Meet Russell Brunson

As one of the most innovative marketers and entrepreneurs today, Russell Brunson is always on the cutting edge of new methods and technology to sell products and services online.

As the CEO of, Russell is a true student of direct response marketing, he collected junk mail as a kid to create a multi-million dollar swipe file at the age of 12.

Russell built a very successful business teaching other people how to make money using the internet, whether creating information products, driving traffic or consulting business owners on how to do the same.

I have personally stolen, swiped and borrowed his brilliant ideas for my own business and follow what he does very closely.

He recently released a book called 108 proven split tests which has become somewhat of a marketing bible for me and many marketers I know. I’ve invited Russell on the show to share his bacon wrapped strategy for creating successful sales funnels and marketing strategies simply by taking advantage of a proven systems.

In addition to Russell's new and exciting software called ClickFunnels


Here’s what we discussed on this episode:

04:42 – How to use his book 108 Proven Split Tests as a marketing bible
06:29 – Two things about Brad that impressed Russell (Brad's favorite segment of the show)
07:38 – A secret reason to buy 108 Proven Split Tests book
08:34 – How to get an additional bump in revenue off your offers
15:05 – How a “potato gun” created on online empire
18:05 – How 12 year old Russell became addicted to direct response marketing
21:19 – What people can learn from studying newsletters and junk mail
23:11 – The art of “borrowing brilliance”
26:17- Russell's copywriting process
27:57 – Russell’s self-described business superpower
29:51 – Growing the business, expanding the team, and shrinking it down
31:35 – Big teams vs. small teams
35:45 – ClickFunnels
38:10 – Proven template marketing funnels
42:00 – WordPress and custom coding vs. ClickFunnels easy process
45:22 – How fast and easy is ClickFunnels and who should use it?
47:14 – Creating funnels for multiple clients
50:23 – Russell’s favorite marketing funnels
55:21 – The beauty of surveys and quizzes
58:06 – How _______ can revolutionize your business
60:30 – Why you should check out Russell Brunson

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