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Self Publishing School & Book Launch Secrets With Chandler Bolt


One of the best ways to set yourself apart in business, professional services, as an expert or thought leader is to write a book.  Fortunately today’s technology makes it simpler, faster and easier than ever before. But just because anyone can write and now publish a book, doesn't mean that anyone will read it or take action upon it.

There's both an art and a science to launching and profiting off a book.  I've personally done this with almost a dozen clients and it's led to tremendous results for both them and myself.

I've covered certain parts of the topic in previous episodes, but today I invited Chandler Bolt to share his experience and systems with you.

Meet Chandler Bolt…

Chandler is a 2 time best selling author and the creator of Self Publishing School, which teaches other aspiring business and non-fiction authors how to launch and profit from their  book in record time and ease.  What's even more remarkable is that Chandler is a 2 time best selling author and entrepreneur at the age of 21.

I asked Chandler to be on the show to share the how he wrote, launched and profited from his first book and several of the tricks he learned along the way.

Here's What You'll Discover:

  • The exact steps Chandler took to write and promote his first book to bestseller status in only 2 1/2 months.
  • What video-based tactic he used to encourage and support book sharing and reviews
  • Chandler's 3 Step Writing System anyone can use to get a quality book out quickly
  • What method he used to generate leads from his book (and what he suggest avoiding)
  • How to use your book as a marketing and business development tool
  • How to get the job you want with the book you write
  • How to quickly repurpose your existing content into a book and beyond
  • How learning the process will allow you to do this for other business owners and experts and how Brad Costanzo used this as a foot-in-the-door service to get new consulting clients.
  • And much more

Self publishing is a quickly changing and exciting industry and there are a lot of ways to create lucrative cash flow and clients from knowing what to do.

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