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Ilan Ferdman

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Smart Drugs: Hacking Your Brain With Nootropics


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Can you really take a pill and get smarter, more focused and more productive without negative side effects, addiction or damage to your brain?

That's the topic we explore on this episizzle, codenamed:  “Bacon Wrapped Brains”

A few years ago a movie called “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper introduced many people to the idea that a “smart pill” could be developed that would give us instant IQ boosts and turn us into a genius overnight.  Of course in the movie, Cooper's character has extreme effects both good and bad, there's not a single entrepreneur that I've spoken with who wouldn't take that pill in a heartbeat.

But do such drugs really exist?  And are they good for you?

That's what my guest, Ilan Ferdman and I set out to explore.  Ilan is the cofounder of SatoriPrime and the host of the Performance Enhancing Podcast and happens to be an amateur expert in the topic as well as a self-described guinea pig that experiments on himself responsibly to get the most out of his brain and his body.

I've personally been using different forms of Nootropics (the class of supplements that are supposed to give you “cognitive enhancement”) for over two years now with amazing results.

I'll tell you first that there is no drug or supplement that will replicate the effects of Cooper's character in Limitless, however, there are some pretty amazing stacks of supplements you can take which will make you feel like you're getting pretty close.

Are they safe?

This depends on how you use them.  You'll hear us discuss some of the ingredients, such as “racetams” which have proven to have zero toxicity in many clinical trials, but like anything you ingest, it all depends on you, your body's chemistry and how responsible you are.

We also dive into a discussion of currently illegal but beneficial entheogens and psychedelics such as LSD, ayahuasca, DMT and mushrooms and the therapeutic effects of these when taken responsibly.

Ilan and I both reveal our personal recommendations, “stacks” and sources for quality and affordable nootropics.

We had a lot of fun exploring how these help us in business, but also in life in this departure from the typical business-only nature of the show.

I guess now is where I put a disclaimer in saying that I don't recommend anyone take my advice or Ilan's advice and to consult a physician before taking any supplements.  Basically, if you take our advice, you do so at your own risk and we assume no responsibility for anything awesome that may happen to you.

You'll hear us talk about:

  • Why prescription pharmaceuticals such as Adderall and Ritalin, which are highly abused can cause damage and should be avoided in most cases
  • Other prescription based nootropics that are available
  • Over the counter supplements and sources of the raw materials and the brands you can buy that are prepackaged and ready
  • What kind of effects you'll feel
  • Side effects of various nootropics
  • Benefits of entheogens and psychedlics

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