Bacon Wrapped Business With Brad Costanzo

Biohacking Secrets To A Better Life, Buff Body And Brilliant Mind with Gary Brecka of Streamline Wellness


“He who has his health has 1000 dreams. He who has no health only has one.”

It takes an amazing amount of energy and clear thinking to thrive in today's business world. Energy and vitality are fundamental to feeling good and performing well. If your chemistry is off, you're pushing a boulder up a hill.

I know this because for several years, my chemistry was off. From nutrient deficiencies to low testosterone, I had no idea what was causing my drops in peak performance until I met today's guest, Gary Brecka, founder of Streamline Wellness and went through a comprehensive diagnostic and health performance protocol.

Now, after over 6 months under Gary's health protocols, I've never felt or looked better in my life.

On this incredibly revealing and transparent episode, we dive deep into what it means to really take control of your health and wellness and more importantly optimize it for high performance and amazing vitality.

So how do we achieve optimal wellness.? How do we bring out the physiological superhuman inside of each one of us? Live longer, sleep deeper increase our response to exercise improve our mental clarity skyrocket our libido and have true waking energy?

Listen to this episode to discover

  • How Gary used to predict when people would die, down to the month, for insurance companies based on their biomarkers, and he was accurate.
  • Why the most important information in a blood test is what's NOT on the results
  • The role the Vitamin D deficiency plays on all parts of the body
  • How Brad leverages testosterone replacement therapy and growth peptides to supercharge his performance and recovery
  • How to iohack your energy in the morning without any supplements or medications
  • Why Grant Cardone became a patient and a big investor in the company
  • The 3 pillars of optimal health that most people miss
  • The real culprit behind Alzheimers Disease and how to prevent and potentially reverse it
  • How to safely stimulate humane growth hormone with two advanced growth peptides
  • How to build strong muscles quickly by leveraging heat shock proteins in the saua
  • What clinical dehydration means and how to fix it (hint: it's not how much water you drink)
  • And so much more.

This two hour episizzle goes into depth, no surface level advice here. You may want to take detailed notes.

Better yet, contact Gary at and tell him that Brad Costanzo sent you!

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