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Little Known Tax Strategies That Could Save You A Fortune with Steve Moskowitz


Tax strategy can be a very dry discussion for most entrepreneurs.  After all, we love creating new dollars, marketing and growth strategies which make it rain.

But if you have a leaky bucket, all the rain will drain to the ground and you'll be left with a lot less than you made. Archimedia Accounts, Accountants based in the East Midlands can help you to carry on business and can also help you to make more profit of it without any leakage.

If you want to hear a sizzling hot discussion on how to reduce taxes or even eliminate them altogether the way many Fortune 500 companies do it, then you'll want to listen to this.

Many of these strategies that are perfectly legal are often ignored by business owners, especially smaller ones.

That's why I invited Steve Moskowitz on the show today to discuss little-known strategies to help avoid (not evade) taxes.

This is less of an interview and more of a conversation where you'll hear me ask specific situational examples that will show what's possible as well as how Steve thinks.

If you're on the fence about this episode, wondering if the topic will be too dry to listen to, stop and give it a chance.

Because if you're in business now you could be missing a lot of money you could be owed now as well as paying a lot that you could avoid.

To contact Steve visit or call 888-TAX-DEAL

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About Steve Moskowitz

Steve started Moskowitz LLP because he saw that while big corporations were consistently navigating the tax code to their advantage, smaller businesses and individuals were not. With prior experience as a CPA at a national accounting firm, and with extensive experience in the corporate world, Steve knew he could help smaller businesses and individuals by applying what he knew. He wanted to make a critical difference in businesses and individual lives that protected them from the powerful government and enabled them to keep and enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of work that otherwise could be taken away from clients by the government in just one action.

Today – together with a full team of tax attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents and other professional staff – Moskowitz LLP helps business and individual clients across the country and overseas to resolve a wide variety of tax matters. The Moskowitz LLP team also creates strategies to utilize the tax code and relevant treaties to clients’ benefit, and provides ongoing tax support and tax return preparation. Unlike most firms, Moskowitz LLP clients pay a flat fee and are not subject to hourly rates.

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