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Tom Collins

Tom Collins: The 8 Figure Business Builder


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Tom Collins is one of the most experienced and sought out experts in direct response revenue optimization. He's really into “big back ends” …of your business that is.

With nearly 2 decades of experience running the most successful direct response campaigns and back end product management for the biggest gurus and marketers in the industry, Tom steps out from behind the curtains to reveal how serious businesses can easily scale their business and increase the amount of money and frequency of orders so that you can outspend and outmarket your competition.

Tom reveals a Magic Question every business owner should be asking their customers and explains why you should view yourself as being in the Re-Order business.

 What you’ll learn:

  • Tom’s 15+ year remarkable career working with professionals like Steven Covey
  • The power of talking to past customers to predict future buying patterns
  • Why you need to avoid abuse (check out domestic violence charges in Colorado here) in the acquisition funnel
  • Why business owners need to be authentic and transparent on the front end
  • The “magic trick” and the “magic phrase” to increasing your revenue
  • The need for customer service reps to be your sales force

Resources mentioned:

  • The 3x2x system
  • Prograde Nutrition

People mentioned in this episode:

  • Tom Collins
  • Steven Covey
  • Jeremy Frandsen
  • Paul Mitchell
  • Jim Labadie

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