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An Innovative Way To Launch A Supplements Business


Supplements are big businesses that seem complicated and expensive. Well, that is the truth for most people.

But today's guest, Tony Grebmeier, co-founder of ShipOffers is going to dispel these myths and demonstrate an innovative way to get started and scale big in the supplement marketing space even if you don't have a product, experience or budget to spend in big upfront costs.

Tony has an amazing, dramatic and inspirational story that you'll want to hear as well. He's also the host of his own Podcast called The Tony G Show: Entrepreneur Unplugged on iTunes.

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Tony Grebmeier's journey growing up and his addiction recovery
  • Cost of getting started in business
  • Bestselling supplements
  • The biggest mistakes that prospective clients make

To learn more about Tony Grebmeier and his top of the line innovation, visit his official website at

About The Guest: Tony Grebmeier

BWB Innovative | Supplement Business InnovationTony is a husband, father, friend, and serial entrepreneur. His current ventures include ShipOffers, a five year Inc 5000 fastest growing company. His mission to bring fulfillment to the world extends from traditional fulfillment services to personal fulfillment.

He formed BEFULFILLED, where entrepreneurs know they can achieve their dreams despite their hardships. BEFULFILLED is home to a podcast that reaches over 5,000 listeners in North America and features other entrepreneurs coming together to redefine success.

The BEFULFILLED Facebook community formed online. Now, thousands of business owners share their weekly goals with accountability checks and access to live Q&As with experts. As well as having first access to international networking events.

The newest addition to BEFULFILLED is the journal. The journal is a proven model to help people achieve more without their personal lives suffering. Tony also travels the world as a speaker. He teaches founders both the pitfalls to avoid and the keys to attaining their own journey to fulfillment.

An Innovative Way To Launch A Supplements Business

I’ve got Tony Grebmeier. He is the host of Entrepreneur Unplugged on iTunes. It’s a great podcast as well. He even had me as a guest. It’s awesome. He’s much more than a podcast host.

I met him originally at an event called Strategy and Execution Summit back in Cleveland, Ohio with a former guest Vinnie Fisher. That was his event. You probably knew me talking about him before.

Tony is the Co-owner of a company called ShipOffers. What they do is massive physical product fulfillment and helping major eCommerce vendors get the products sourced and sent to their customers.

They’re approaching $100 million in revenue. This is a serious deal. I asked Tony on the show because of several reasons. One of them is he’s just an awesome guy and we hit it off in person. We wanted to chat with each other more. It was like, “Let’s record this thing.”

Also since I’m new to the physical product world, I want to talk to him about a handful of the best practices, what’s working? Maybe you’re selling physical products or want to and looking for a better source.

Maybe you’ve thought about it, but you don’t know where to go to get started. I’m going to be asking Tony a little bit about that. He’s also got an amazing story and mission to help other entrepreneurs, especially when they’re suffering from addiction.

He has a heartwarming and touching story about addiction and recovery. He’s been sober for years. I heard him talk about this on stage. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. He’s proof that not only can you do a lot, you can do a lot with challenges.

You can then give back and help other people do the exact, same thing. Without any further ado, Tony G, welcome to Bacon Wrapped Business.

Thanks for having me on the show. I appreciate it.

We’re going to talk about a lot. You’ve got a cool backstory from radio to the physical products, to a lot of other stuff.

Tell me what I don’t and what we don’t already know about where you’ve got to now. You’ve got this great company, podcast and everything else. It has not been a smooth journey, has it?

No, it’s been a fun journey though. Looking back on it, it’s probably a difficult journey for the people in my life from my parents to my sister to my wife, and even to my kids.

I’ll pick it up where I think is interesting. Around, my oldest was probably six or seven, I had left the house probably for the second or third time. I moved out. I was having problems with marriage.

He looked up at me and he said, “Dad, you used to be the strongest man I know. Now you’re the weakest.” He turned seventeen. I celebrated some sobriety in December and they handed me a card.

Even my youngest, he was young at the time. He said, “Dad, if you weren’t sober, we wouldn’t be together as a family.” What I’m here to tell is, your past doesn’t equate your future. No matter where you’ve been, you can have a brand new day and a new start.

It’s going to take some work. It’s not easy. It’s the greatest give that I’ve ever been given. It is the opportunity to help somebody up off the ground now, and to help him dust himself off.

To put himself back into action and to take control of their life again, by realizing that they don’t have to be in control of everything in their life. Drugs and alcohol were huge.

That’s so strong. I wonder, you may have seen some more statistics than me in this, but entrepreneurs as a species probably have more proclivity for the extremes than the general population. As an entrepreneur, our business, our life is extreme.

We ride a roller coaster all the time. Nobody gets into it for the even keel security journey. I would think that that is easy when you’re on those downs or ups as an entrepreneur to get sucked into substance abuse.

You could be a workaholic. We have extreme personalities. Have you seen that in your fellow entrepreneurs seem to have more of an issue?

Yes. I’ll give you the best picture I can give you. I can speak from my experience only and then we can talk a bit more about it.

The average human being in my opinion has an on and off switch and a dimmer. They have the ability to go in between. They can dabble real close to the edge, but flip the switch. They’re okay. I don’t have the dimmer switch. I have an on and off. I’m either all in or I’m all out.

When I’m all into something, it’s my addiction. I’m 100%. If it’s work, I don’t even look at the clock. I don’t even know what time it is. My wife is like, “Where are you?” I’m like, “I’ve got to go.”

If it’s food, I want Pringle and I have a whole can. If it’s gambling and I’m sitting there playing Black Jack, it’s $5, $10 before I know it I’m gambling a couple of $100 a hand.

That’s the addiction part of me. I think I’m chasing, knowing that I’m never going to have it but what the heck, let’s roll the dice and go all in. Sometimes it’s being caught in the rabbit hole, the bright and shiny disorder. It’s all of this and a bag of chips for me. I struggle with it all.

I know that my two business partners, I call them normies, they don’t have any addiction issues. They like business, they like life and they’re great. We’ve been going down this road for several years with my business partners.

They’re totally normal. They can have one drink and call it a night. I have one drink and I’m on to 100. That’s my problem.

I’ve been lucky especially when it comes to any substances, drugs or alcohol. I can have a little bit. I’ve never had that addictive personality with that. I do have an addictive personality with a lot of things like I’ll get into something and you can’t pull me away.

That’s why I don’t play video games. That’s why I can’t get into a business. It’s a complete obsession. However, maybe my attention deficit saves because I get bored of that addiction quick and I move on to something else.

You can recognize when it’s time to move on. My business partner goes, “Do you know what?” I’m like, “What? We’ve been working on this thing for a week.” I’m like, “I thought it was a day. I’m sorry.”

That will show up in your work as well.

It shows up everywhere. I’m a lot better because I do understand what I am dealing with. I call it a blind spot. It’s only a blind spot once.

We’ve all got them.

Everybody blames it on the blind spot. I’m like, “Let’s look out the window. Now you know that you have a blind spot, now you’re going to have to adjust.”

I work on adjusting how I see things because I can’t see them the same way. You already called me out. I do not like to say sorry. In my house, if we make a mistake we ask for forgiveness.

Instead of saying I’m sorry just say, “Will you please forgive me for that?” Something like that.

I’ll give you an example, “Brad, please forgive me for being late into the show. I apologize for causing some delay.” Your response would be like, “Tony, I totally understand. No big deal. I accept your apology.”

I accept PayPal for every minute you were late.

It’s about us coming to an understanding that mistakes are going to happen. We’re going to deal with them differently than I used to. I used to storm off, be pissed, yell and scream.

If you said sorry with somebody, and imagine the other person, how many times they heard you say sorry. When you ask for something like, “I’m asking for forgiveness,” you’re humbling yourself.

I am a huge fan of the power of the words. I’m cognizant of the words I use. I got a Master’s in Neurolinguistic programming. I’ve studied the effect that it has on me as a person.

The words I’m using in my head externally and the words other people are using. I recognize how effective asking for forgiveness as opposed to saying, “I’m sorry,” which is like an excuse.

BWB Innovative | Supplement Business Innovation

Supplement Business Innovation: When you ask for something, you are humbling yourself.


I had a lot of this struggle growing up. My parents divorced when I was young. I used to be told, “Your dad is coming. He’s going to pick you up soon.” I remember sitting out on the porch for hours with my sister. My dad never would show.

My mom would come and say, “Come on inside, it’s not going to happen tonight maybe tomorrow.” When he would pick me up, I struggled with these three statements for the longest period of time, I love you, I’m sorry and goodbye.

That’s what you always heard.

I always heard, “Goodbye. I’m not going to see you again for a long time.” The next day, I associate it with sitting back on the porch and you not showing up. You didn’t love me then you would say sorry. That’s part of my backstory, and part of who I am as a human being.

I’ve done a lot of work. I have gone to a lot of seminars, read a lot of books, and talked to a lot of people. I name it like this, I’ve spent a lifetime trying to look good to avoid looking bad. That’s how I’ve been able to work through a lot of my struggle and my journey.

I’m definitely not the same guy I was even yesterday, constantly working on evolving this body, this mind, and the spirit to do things differently.

Let’s talk about career. Let’s get to the fun part. ShipOffers, you’ve done a lot. I want to guide this towards what you’re doing now. Tell me what it is and tell me what you do.

Our mission statement is to be the strategic partner to elite marketers. We do that one shipment at a time. What does that mean is we’re in the supplement health space. Pet supplements, if you’re looking for powders like creatine pre-workout, PCAs.

If you’re thinking about skincare, step one, step two type of products or general krill oil, to fish oil to multivitamins, to Garcinia. We’ve got all those types of products. We’re an on-demand white label business.

When we started in 2001, we literally have a 2,000 square foot warehouse. My two business partners, my childhood best friends, we all decided to go in the supplement business. One of my partners and I had a previous supplement company.

We literally said, “Let’s do this.” We started just selling retail online. It was great, trying to build landing pages and drive traffic. We realized it wasn’t necessarily where we wanted to spend our time. We saw this opportunity in the wholesale game.

I said, “The future of our business is in wholesale.” That was 2002. We basically got rid of all of our sites other than our company domain. We started selling wholesale. We were big overseas. Still to this day, it’s huge. If you’re looking for a supplement you want made in USA.

We’ve figured out how to partner and leverage what we do. We’re in 43 countries around the world, just a lot of opportunity. That matured into this on-demand business where we keep all of your inventory.

You don’t have to buy anything upfront, no spending $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 at the laboratory to figure out if it’s going to work or not.

Why don’t you come and check out what we’re doing at ShipOffers? Everything is white label on demand. You test it and if it works, then we can work with you to scale it.

If you do want to go out and manufacture your own formula, we give you that opportunity as well. is three things. It’s a supplement company, it’s a fulfillment company and we’re a bank. We’re leveraging our cashflow with you to help you scale your business.

We send you a bill after we’ve even shipped your entire weeks’ worth of orders. In a nutshell, we do all the work and we send your bill after the fact. I don’t have you sign some long agreement. It’s not this big deal. It’s what we’ve been doing for a number of years.

I live in California, but I spent fourteen years in Texas. I’m going to use a Texas colloquialism and say, “Let’s hunt that rabbit. Here’s the rabbit I want to hunt.”

I want to know because I know my audience do but personal curiosity too. Let’s say I want to get into the supplement business. Supplements, skincare, you do a little bit of everything, right?

Yes, 60 different products.

Your past doesn’t equate your future. No matter where you’ve been, you can have a brand new day and a new start. Share on X

Let’s say that Brad wants to get into selling.

Let’s do this, you’ve got coffee. That’s not where you’re going to end up. That’s the beginning of the relationship that you are building with your customer and your audience. You could go down mugs.

You could down with beauty products because you know, “You want to look good, feel great 24/7, I’ve got a product for you. I’ve got a nice skincare in a nice jar. We can put a step two around it for your eyes.”

“Maybe you do want to get in shape and you want to get to the gym, we can talk about probiotics for your stomach gut. You’ve got your buddy Drew, he can talk about greens.” There are so many cool things that you could bundle altogether.

That’s what we do, we listen to where you are and then we help you fill in the pieces to get you to where you want to go.

That’s definitely where I want to go. I want to continue to grow there. Let’s say somebody has brand new, not the coffee business. Let’s say I was trying to figure it out. I understand marketing.

I’ve heard that there’s a lot of money to be made in the supplement business. I’m thinking, if I want to get into that, I’ve probably got to buy, like spend $10,000, $20,000, $30,000. I don’t know what it costs to get involved.

How do you suggest somebody who’s brand new to that game? What do they do using you, how do you help. What’s a good expectation of money to spend of investment upfront to get your stuff off the ground?

Am I looking at a $10,000 investment to get going? Can I do this slowly? Is there a way to test the market before I jump in?

If you had called me or you got referred to ShipOffers from Brad, you’re like, “I’m new.” My filter goes up immediately and I’m like, “Let me be of service.” That’s the first thing that I’m going to say.

My next question is, “Have you ever sold anything online, digital or physical?” If they say, “I’ve dabbled in some affiliate sales, I’ve driven some traffic.” I’m going to be like, “I’m going to be candid with you. I want to learn as much as I can, as fast as I can so I can see if we can help you.”

“If not, let me see if I can find somebody who can.” I always try to leave you better than I found you. That’s been my mantra in this business.

I can’t help everybody and I work with guys who are at least doing some physical good sales or at least digital products where they’re doing 25 orders a day or more. Five hundred unit order is what I’m looking for out of a customer.

As long as you know a little bit about marketing, you’ve got to source your traffic and you’re willing to give it a try, I’m willing to give you a try.

Let’s say for me, I do have a big background in marketing, in digital marketing. I understand how to do it.

A lot of my readers know a lot about marketing but they don’t have the physical product experience there. I say, “I know how to run Facebook ads, I know how to do all this other stuff.”

You don’t need any money though, just so you’re clear.

That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

You don’t need any money. I can print your label on-demand here until you decide, “I can sell enough.” Let’s go print it somewhere down the road and get the fantastic looking labels like with metallic if you want all the shine on.

I tell you, if you’re passionate and you’ve got your pulse in marketing and you go, “I want to try something,” I’m like, “I’ll try it.”

BWB Innovative | Supplement Business Innovation

Supplement Business Innovation: Everybody is on a journey in business and life.


You create the offer because I don’t provide any of the marketing material. That’s not my job. We basically say, “You market and we do the rest.” You know what that means.

I forgot about this. I don’t know how I forgot about the fact that I have a 3,000 person health list that I got from something that I did many months ago. I contact them once in a while. Not nearly as much. Let’s say, I’ve got a 3,000 person list.

It’s little and it’s not going to generate tons of orders. I wanted to try a private label out and I wanted to call it Brad’s Super Duper Vitamins, whatever. You on stock, you have some stuff that I could potentially try to sell them.

You’re telling me that I could put together a sales page and send this out to my list to test and see what happens. On-demand, if I get twenty orders out of that, you’re able to print that out and send it out and charge me for what it is?

Yes. That’s what’s cool is your business concept of, “I’ve got this 3,000 person list. I haven’t sent a supplement to them. What of the 60 do you want to test this weekend?” I’ll tell you, “You can put up a page now.

You can plug it into the back or a merchant account, write a little bit of copy, hit send. I’ll give you the templates, the bottles. You can even use my imaging now.

You don’t have to do anything other than just create the copy and the ad. When you start selling, swap it out for yours and then you’re in business. I’ll send your bill.”

Obviously the higher the volume, the lower the cost.

There are tiers. You start and then we take you along the journey. Everybody is on a journey in business and life. We figured it’s the best way to do it. I got guys who did 25 orders to a few thousand a day. It’s where you fit in, and we work with you.

I want people to take notice, I’m taking note of that. I remember you saying that before, that’s cool. As we continue to build up a list of customers in one area, you have the ability to help provide them solutions.

We were in the Mastermind in Austin and I got up in front. Tanner and Louis asked me to share a little bit. Thirty-five plus people in the room and I handed out 31 business cards. My pitch wasn’t like, “I want to sell you. I want to share with you.”

You’re going around the room and everybody’s like, “I’ve got a crochet business. I tell your horoscopes.” I’m like, “You guys all deal in digital space. You all have campaigns, marketing and email addresses. What are you selling to them?”

Even a couple of guys were in the apparel business and sports. I’m like, “You guys have an opportunity. Who doesn’t want to go and have a good time and party, but wake up Monday morning there’s a guy in that room selling hangover supplements?”

I’m good at connecting the dots, helping you to see what you can’t see by cutting down some trees and showing you your vision. That’s what we do all day. When we get on the phone with you, I’m listening to where you’re at and I’m helping you to get to where you want to go.

There’s a little cost involved in getting started up.

Zero. I don’t ask for any money from you. Somebody reading could go, I’m going to call this guy Tony at ShipOffers and say, “I am selling a product from X, Y and Z, can I switch it to you?” “Yes.” “I’ve never sold before but I want to, can you help me?” “Yes.” “How much?” “Zero.”

You only pay if you sell because you’ve already marked it up. It’s all profit. What are some of the bestselling stuff right now?

Garcinia, your typical weight loss products. Krill is a hot commodity. What we do is a lot of custom formulations for a lot of different people. I’ve got some cool clients.

That’s some of the fun parts of my business. It’s seeing, “How did you get into wanting to go in manufacture?” A lot of people find us after they already got into the game. I’ll hear their horror stories. “Here was the deal, I spent $60,000. Isn’t that cool?”

I’m like, “No.” That sucks because you created one product. If you want to do it right, let’s start with one and then I’ll get you a six or seven upsells that you can send out to your customers. Imagine if you would have bought six or seven products and you would have spent $50,000 to $60,000.

The biggest problem people do in marketing of supplements is that they decide to put claims all over their bottle. Share on X

You’re like $360,000 into the hole because some manufacturing companies make you buy a lot of product. There are some you can go in a couple of thousand, but then I question a lot of things. Is it certified FDA? Does it have an NSS certificate? Is it okay to get outside of the country?

Have you registered with the pre-sell certificate with the government? Can it get to Australia? Can I get into the UK? You start running and questioning all of these things.

That’s where you need somebody like us to listen. I may not be your deal, but I’m happy to give you the information so you don’t get taken in the end.

It’s helpful to know that you’ve got somebody like that helping you not only do the things right but avoid the big mistakes. What are two or three of the biggest mistakes that you see your clients making or they made before they become your clients?

I’ll give you this, the biggest problem that people do in the marketing of supplements is that they decide to put claims all over their bottle. I don’t look at your website as much unless you invite me into that world. There are lots of funnels on what we show on the front side and what we do on the backside.

The number one piece of advice I could give anybody is don’t put any claims. Don’t even put any asterisk. Don’t even make enough room for where you should put an asterisk on your bottle. Just the name of the product, show some cool text if you want to.

Make sure there’s an asterisk next to it and you’ve got the warning in the background. People claim everything. This will clear warts, this will clear cancer. I’m like, “You’re going in the area where I can’t work with you anymore. My reputation is on the line when I touch your supplement.”

The supplement business can be really dangerous if you need sales that bad that you’re willing to say anything to get it. Those claims may be true.

The problem is also you’ve got to realize that the customer hasn’t touched the bottle but they’ve already bought your product. That’s another big mistake. I need all this stuff on my product. No you don’t.

Along those lines, my coffee doesn’t have everything that it might have in the store. I‘m not selling it in the store. I’ve got more marketing to speak on there.

My wife says it best. Everything’s being recorded. Your life is going to be played back to you someday. When you look at that packaging it doesn’t make your mom or dad proud.

Is it stuff that you feel like do you have to be that salesy on it? Are you just trying to do something because you want to stand out in a crowded space?

I even tell people on Amazon the same thing, “You can asterisk everything out, all day long, everything on it, put the FDA warning in the back, that’s awesome but it’s ugly.” You need it but all the other stuff don’t need.

You need a cool name, a nice little tagline, the supplemental facts, the directions, the FDA warning and who it’s distributed by and if it needs to be stored in a specific temperature. Leave all the other stuff out.

You can do that later if you truly want it through some stuff on your website, but make sure that you have some disclaimers. I used to on our website, we have herbal guidelines. No one ever told us to do it.

We made sure that if we were selling a product and women were pregnant, or thinking about using birth control that we made sure we got all the warnings for that. A lot of people say, “I can make a supplement. I can sell it and they buy it from somewhere.”

They put it online, and they’ve never been in the business before. I deal with cease and desist orders all the time. Not for me, not for what I’m doing but because the clients that we work with do some stuff. Once we find it, we pull them aside.

“You’ve got to change your name. You can’t do this. You’ve got to take this off.” “Thanks for telling me. I’ve never done this before.” It’s not fully back online, but we have what we call the supplements secrets. I’ll have it available in the next couple of days.

People can actually go and get these secrets so that you don’t have to go through the mistakes that most companies go through. I’m going to speed you right to basically manufacturing, like what you were talking about four months to launching Stiletto Coffee.

From basically an idea to a physical product, all the pitfalls in between that you don’t want somebody to go through, we’re going to share with you so you don’t have to do that.

BWB Innovative | Supplement Business Innovation

Supplement Business Innovation: If you do things just for the money and without passion, you are not going to last.


I’m looking forward to the point where I’m calling you not to just chat but to actually do some business with you. This is the direction that we’re going. I can’t think of anybody better I’d like to have in my corner than you.

When it comes to your site,, just like it looks. You’ve got all these different types of products that are already in existence in your warehouse, right? You can start to sell these.

Yes, you send me a CSV file or you hook up to our API and you actually get connected. You can be shipped immediately.

When it comes to custom formulations however, obviously it’s custom. You don’t necessarily just have something in stock.

Four to six weeks typically. We work with you to formulate. We come up with like if you have an existing formula you want to knock off or there’s a product in the industry that you like. “I like this, but I would like this.” We can take all of that together and we can spin it into your formula.

What’s an average investment if we’re doing that? Let’s say it’s not a highly crazy information.

If you want 5,000 bottles, $3 to $4 probably. We have a couple of various ways that we can do it. Usually it’s like 50% down.

If you have all the potential in the world and I can see it and smell it, I’ll work a cool deal with you on the backend so you don’t have to pay that 50% right off the front. You can pay it as you go, maybe as your product leaves.

If you have no marketing experience, I have to make sure that you put some skin in the game. I limit my risk because I am a bank. I’ll manufacture your product for you. I may give you 30-day terms and then ask you for the other 50%.

In some ways, I’m a stockbroker. I’m finding what’s hot in the industry. I’m bringing it to my customers. I’m a banker where I’m listening. I want to maximize my potential but I want to limit my risk, how can I do that? We’re forming that strategic partnership.

What we do, are we unique? No. Are there a million companies out there? Yes. I got several years at this company doing this every single day. I’ve got a mastery in supplements. This is all I know when it comes to running a supplement company. We’ve learned from a lot of different mistakes.

We still make mistakes and that’s part of getting back to the addiction and the journey. I’m the first to admit that I’ve made a mistake. I’m going to say, “I led you down and I apologize.

It’s taken six weeks when I said we can get it done in five. I ran into some problems. Let me compensate you a little bit. Let me make things right for you.” That’s my motto in life and business. It’s not the lab, it’s me.

If you come and entrust your services and your business with me, I want to make sure that we take good care of you as a customer. You can leave me. I guarantee you’ll remember us not in a bad way.

Maybe your business went sideways. Maybe you did something wrong and you didn’t take care of chargebacks. I care about my customers.

Every single one of my friends who also uses you says nothing but great things. I’m looking forward to rolling something out.

I would love to help you. What I would like to do, I don’t tell this to everybody. I’ll tell your audience because I think you’ve got a cool deal with the Bacon Wrapped Business.

You’re bringing a lot of cool information to your audience. I want to get to know what you’re passionate about when it comes to wanting to get into the supplement space.

A lot of people just get in because they want to make money. At the end of the day, I’m like, “That’s cool and all but you’re not going to last.” I want you to sell something that you’re passionate about.

You like fitness. If you’re into fitness and you want to make some products around that. You’re like, “My wife’s got this coffee, and I want to make something about that.” What I do is I sit down and we start mapping out a game plan for you.

We say, “I’m going to set up some expectations around your business for the next 30, 60, 90 days. We draw it all up.” I show you where you could be with the kind of investment that you’ll need to be if we do some customs. If we don’t, where you’re at and how you can basically take your business.

I love taking guys who make 5,000 bottles with a manufacturer come to me and the next he goes $50,000. I’m buying big runs for you. I love helping you scale your business. Most guys don’t care about their customers. They go, “Buy some product this week, Bob.”

I actually care about you. At the end of the day, I hope that you’re in my Rolodex and I’m calling you and we’re building a relationship outside of the business.

That’s rare in business and it’s one of the most important things. I appreciate that. I can’t thank you enough for your time. All my audience, I encourage you to go to Look around, see what he’s got. If this is something that you are interested in.

If you’ve been thinking about it but didn’t know where to start, if you’ve been trying to flush it out, you learned that Tony has got a lot of knowledge, a great heart around this and the best of intentions. You could also see that it is not as difficult as you think it might be.

Will it take a lot of time and energy? Absolutely. The good news is it does not necessarily take a lot of money to start up. You’ve got people like myself and Tony in your corner if this is something you want to continue to roll out.

If this has been the least bit entertaining or educational for you, let me know. One of the best things you can do is to pull your thumbs out and get on the iPhone machine and leave a review on iTunes. That helps me climb the system on iTunes. It helps more people tune in to us.

You can also share this little show on social media and tag me in it. If you do that I will come over to your house and give you a big hug personally, each and every one of you at my expense too, 100% guaranteed.

You can simply tell your friends about how much you like the show, how much you’re learning from it. The biggest compliment I get, I’ve heard multiple people say this.

“I feel as though I should have paid for the information that was on that show because I’ve made money from that.” If you do contact Tony and you guys make a million dollars, send me 50%.

If you do contact me and you mention Brad, he can get a bounty program for the volume you bring to the company.

50%, right?

I pay $3,000 to $5,000 for each person that you refer.

Mention my name, people.

It’s true, along with the hugs, but this one’s true.

You can hear more of Tony’s awesomeness at, is it

No, I wasn’t cool enough to get that. You just go to iTunes, search Tony G or Entrepreneur Unplugged. My ugly mug will show up. You can click on it and listen to the show.

Are there any big nuts you’re trying to crack in your business?

No, besides managing all the leads that we’ve got coming in, that’s it. I’ve hired two people to help me manage it. For the first time in a long time, I’m actually pretty good where I’m at.

Thank you for being on the show.

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About The Guest: Tony Grebmeier

BWB Innovative | Supplement Business InnovationTony is a husband, father, friend, and serial entrepreneur. His current ventures include ShipOffers, a five year Inc 5000 fastest growing company. His mission to bring fulfillment to the world extends from traditional fulfillment services to personal fulfillment.

He formed BEFULFILLED, where entrepreneurs know they can achieve their dreams despite their hardships. BEFULFILLED is home to a podcast that reaches over 5,000 listeners in North America and features other entrepreneurs coming together to redefine success.

The BEFULFILLED Facebook community formed online. Now, thousands of business owners share their weekly goals with accountability checks and access to live Q&As with experts. As well as having first access to international networking events.

The newest addition to BEFULFILLED is the journal. The journal is a proven model to help people achieve more without their personal lives suffering. Tony also travels the world as a speaker. He teaches founders both the pitfalls to avoid and the keys to attaining their own journey to fulfillment.

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