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The Soul-Science of Business with Trevor G. Blake

Trevor G Blake is a physicist by background who grew up extremely poor and bullied.  Eventually, he tapped into the workings of energy, consciousness, and transformation — in particular, the science behind it all — and began creating through intentionality.

Over the last ten years, Trevor has created and successfully exited three separate companies for over $600 million and never hired a single employee.

Now, he's helping people tap into their practical magic and become real-world wizards.

In today's episode we

  • Blitzscale Wizardry: How to Only Work 5 Hours a Day With No Employees & Live a Life You Love
  • The Foundations of Practical Magic: How to Think Big & Make Real Magic
  • How to Take Back Control of Your Individuality
  • Rapid Intuitive Decision Making to Grow Your Company Big,
  • Tell the story about how the public library saved him from bullies
  • How he started his first business at age 40
  • How he's used an Alliance & Hub model to avoid hiring any employees as he scales his business up.
  • And more

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