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Verifeed CEO Melinda Wittstock Reveals How To Get Return On Authenticity


Authenticity is key to the success of any business; the trick is how to remain authentic in a world in which hiding behind an LCD screen is the norm. How do we break through the masks to reach real people with a real message? Are there tools to do this efficiently on a large scale? Let’s ask an expert.

On top of being a  visionary entrepreneur, innovator and founder-CEO of four scalable media-tech businesses, our guest also has over 25 years of experience as a host, journalist and entrepreneurial executive across the world’s top media brands.

A passionate advocate for women in business, our guest launched a daily podcast on female entrepreneurship called WINGS of Inspired Business – Women, Innovating, Networking, Growing, Scaling to help women manifest the confidence, connections, and capital they need to realize success in life and business.

Meet Melinda Wittstock; a lover of travel, meditation, and yoga, a single mom with two great kids and a golden retriever, and today’s esteemed guest.

The key issue we’ll delve into on today’s episode; authenticity.

How to Maintain Authenticity

  • Why knowing your true purpose is the key… and your path to figuring it out
  • Why observing Gary Vaynerchuk is the education you need to break the mold
  • How to make the switch from C2B to B2C and how it will boost your lead engagement
  • Learn to anticipate and understand your consumers’ expectations…or watch them walk away


  • Why a technology-enabled service is the answer you didn’t know you needed
  • How to find your “tribe” and steps to engaging with them effectively
  • How to embrace scalability for the longevity of your  business…and why it’s not always about you
  • Why you need to identify your integrator…and the stress-free life you can enjoy when you do
  • How WINGS is elevating business women and putting money in pockets


“It's odd to think that, ‘oh, this major brand is going to know me, Melinda Woodstock.’ But you know what, they can, because the technology and the data exists to allow them to know me, to know you, to know anybody. And so if this technology exists, why not?”




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