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How Can A Video Flywheel Help You Win With YouTube With Aaron Biblow Triston Goodwin


Warning:  This episode is loaded with tactical advice that you can begin implementing immediately if you use YouTube as a marketing channel. Do not attempt to multitask while listening or you may miss one of the most effective traffic generating strategies available now.

What Is A FLYWHEEL?:  A heavy revolving wheel in a machine that is used to increase a machine's momentum resulting in greater stability or a reserve of available power.  Just as a flywheel needs lots of force to start it off, so it needs a lot of force to make it stop. As a result, when it's spinning at high speed, it tends to keep on spinning.


Why You Should Listen To This Episizzle…

  • A unique and effective strategy you can use to get insanely effective results with YouTube.
  • Hack the YouTube search algorithm with white-hate tactics that will never get banned and will actually reward your efforts.
  • How to give YouTube more of what they want so you can get more of what you want
  • How to structure your YouTube videos that can act as a useful source of information and like a campaign that feeds other videos and creates momentum that propels you to the top of both YouTube search and discovery
  • Usable by any business, but particularly useful for professionals, consultants, coaches, experts, thought leaders, course creators and affiliate marketers.
  • A special offer for the first 12 listeners of Bacon Wrapped Business
  • A free downloadable cheat sheet of notes on this episode you can get by clicking here.

It's no secret that YouTube can drive a ton of traffic and customers to your business just like services at do.  As the #2 search engine in the world, it's incredibly powerful.

It's also incredibly competitive to rank well for terms that will get your video found.

Like Google, it can be winner-take-all game, so it pays to get in and dominate.  Fortunately, unlike Google search, there's also a powerful discovery engine that lets people find your videos without searching for them.

But dominating the search and discovery results in YouTube can be incredibly frustrating and difficult especially if you're trying to game the system based on the growth hack dujour. 

That doesn't mean that gaming the YouTube search algorithm is impossible or even difficult, you just have to know the rules, play by them and play a little better than the competition.

Today's guests on the show will demonstrate exactly how to do that…

Getting More From YouTube by Giving It What It Wants Using A Video Flywheel

Triston Goodwin and Aaron Biblow are expert digital marketers that have devised a strategy called a Video Flywheel.

They describe this as a self-filling video funnel for your offer optimized to take advantage of YouTube’s learning neural network and Google’s massive customer database.

This Is Important To Know…

  • The Video Flywheel System is white-hat, highly-ethical, plays by YouTube's rules and involves no hacking that could ever get you penalized.
  • Evergreen Success: This is not a strategy that will work today but be gone tomorrow. Learn this system, put it into place now and moving forward.
  • Simple to understand, but nuanced in execution.

What you'll see is deceptively simple to use. But the real success will come through strategic campaign planning and execution.

Just like a mechanical flywheel, it can take real concentrated effort to get early momentum and get it spinning, but once you do, the momentum increases on its own.

Bottom Line: The juice is worth the squeeze. The rewards are worth the effort.  Do this right and you can coast, gathering a never ending supply of free, highly targeted traffic.

After listening to this episode, you may want help planning and executing it with my guests, and it's developers, Triston and Aaron.

They have graciously put together a very special and LIMITED offer to help listeners of Bacon Wrapped Business implement a Video Flywheel in their business.

Did You Know…

Aaron and Triston have put together a Free Companion Guide for this episode which outlines the strategy discussed in this episode and a lot more.  And I added a little something extra to it from my own warchest that I think you'll love if you're using YouTube.

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