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Torture To Triumph: The Dramatic and Extraordinary Story Of Wesley Chapman’s Quest To Empower Our Most Vulnerable Youth With The Word’s Most Valuable Skills


What did you want to do when you were 4-1/2? Do you remember?

Wesley Chapman​ wanted to die.

His 1st (of 12) suicide attempts was at age 4-1/2 to escape the emotional, physical and sexual torture of his biological mother's husband.

But Wes wasn’t SUPPOSED to die. He was supposed to change the world. And he is…

Abandoned at age 1 by his famous TV father and then again by his biological mother at 6, Wes wasn't supposed to amount to anything but trouble…

He also wasn’t supposed to find a loving family until a kind hearted woman named saw what everyone else dismissed and discarded as a problem-child, taking him in and loving him)…

He wasn’t supposed to become an entrepreneur at age 8 1/2, but did out of necessity…

He wasn’t supposed to become a multi-millionaire before he was 30, living a luxurious life with 9 cars, $3,000 suits, marry a beautiful woman and raise his amazing kids…

He wasn’t supposed to give it all up and start over because of the emptiness he felt inside from the never-ending pursuit of proving everybody wrong…

AND a young girl named Alex wasn't supposed to impact 82 other children's lives and empower them to succeed…

…Because the morning Wes came to her school to share a message of hope a few short years ago was SUPPOSED to be her last day alive…

Until Alex heard Wesley Chapman speak.

This day set in motion a new beginning for Wes and he's sharing his story and his mission to transform the lives of 25 million at-risk youth with the most world's most valuable skills and support through “A Human Project”…

THIS interview will be the most important thing you hear all day…

This day set in motion a new beginning for Wes and he's sharing his story and his mission to transform the lives of 25 million at-risk youth with the most world's most valuable skills and support.

Wesley Chapman is the co-founder of, a For-Purpose organization that is creating a community of empowered youth and enabling them to succeed regardless of their surroundings or environmental situations.

By providing entrepreneurial guidance, access to mentors, friends, counselors and peers who've come through the darkness, he is equipping youth that would normally be thrown away as worthless and never given a chance.

Wes is proof that no matter what you've been through, how bad your past was, how many people have harmed you and how many times you've tried to harm yourself, you can matter.

I met Wes at an intimate and private dinner for entrepreneurs here in San Diego (pictured below). He shared a tiny bit of the story above and I immediately knew that his message had to be shared.

You will discover

  • How entrepreneurism saved his life, molded him and empowered him to pay it back.
  • How big a dream really can be and if you're like me, you'll realize that your visions for your own future aren't nearly big enough and that you need to step up your game.
  • You'll laugh as Wes details the temper tantrum over a lack of bacon for breakfast that set his entrepreneurial wheels in motion.
  • He'll tell you how is change the lives of children around the world, simple ways you can help.
  • If you're not a little bit better of a human being after listening to this episode and a lot more inspired by what's possible in your own life, then all the bacon in the world can't fix your problems.

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