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BWB Wilco | New Facebook Advertising Strategies

New Facebook Advertising Strategies To Build An Enormous List With Wilco de Kreij


Facebook is arguably the most powerful and versatile ad platform the world has ever seen. These days, it even gets more and more attention from marketers than Google.

That is why it is understandable how it can be hard sometimes to keep up with the amount of ad strategies that come out. Host, Brad Costanzo, invites, Wilco De Kreij, to the show to talk about some of the newest and most cutting edge strategies for using Facebook to build your list and sell your products.

Wilco is famous for inventing tools, software, and strategies that make it easy to pull the most money out Facebook as much as possible such as Connect Leads and Upviral.

You'll hear him talk about how to use viral giveaways, new Facebook Lead Generation Ads in cooperation with retargeting, and truly what's working now and how to automate it.

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Wilco de Kreij got into entrepreneurship
  • What ConnectLeads and UpViral are all about
  • How to Encourage consumption
  • What are the effective types of giveaways and building a list from new leads

To learn more about Wilco de Kreij and his software ConnectLeads and UpViral, visit and

About The Guest: Wilco de Kreij

BWB Wilco | New Facebook Advertising StrategiesI’m an entrepreneur from the Netherlands, mostly focused at online business. I started my first business in 2002 and started many different ventures since that time.

Currently (2014) mainly focusing on SaaS ventures. This year alone I founded VideoSkinZoSocial and re-launched SEO Rank Monitor – and there’s more to come.

Oh – and I love to travel. I spent 2+ years abroad as a digital nomad over the last few years.

New Facebook Advertising Strategies To Build An Enormous List With Wilco de Kreij

This is going to be a fast, fun and furious show. We’re going to be diving into the advance Facebook and give away strategies and tools you can use to make it easy. They are some tools that I use personally.

The Founder of the company and the strategies invited at the show. his name is Wilco de Kreij. We are going to talk to him in a second before I do I have a couple of announcements out of the way.

First of all, I am hiring. I am looking for some marketing interns. I’ve got a lot of cool things we are working on. This is an opportunity to work for me as opposed to being or a consultanting client.

You can work with me hands-on with a brand new business being launched. We can grow this together. You’ll potentially earn a lot and we will see what will happen. If you are least the more interested in seeing more details about this, I am not going into all the details.

If you are looking for some work or someone who is, send an email to also this episode sponsored by a company called TruBrain. I’ve interviewed the founder and lead neuroscientist at TruBrain.

You may have heard it on the show on, but what TruBrain is a new tropic blend and supplement. Nootropics are cognitive enhancing smart drugs. They provide focus and energy in a way that it is much safer than Aderol, Ridelyn, RedBull, etc.

I have been using nootropics in my diet and it has led to a lot of performance-enhancing benefits if you want more information on this, you can either visit or look up this episode on iTunes.

Let me get to the guest. I can tell you that it’s going to be amazing and I learned a lot. His name is Wilco de Kreij and he’s over at the Netherlands.

Wilco released a new software called ConnectLeads which makes using Facebook lead ads amazingly easy. If you don’t know what those are then you have to pay attention to this because it’s something you could or should be using right now.

He also has a couple of software that makes it easy to use Facebook advertising and take the advance strategies there and make it simple. The software he is creating called UpViral which allows you to run this viral give away and incentivized contest.

He’s not just a software Founder, he also has a great marketing mind. As I purchased and became a customer I’ve been blown away by all of the awesome training videos, strategies and campaigns that he shares on how to use his tools in a way that makes them more effective.

I’ve already started to run my own campaigns based on his strategies and I had great results. I reached out to him.

I asked him to be on the show so I could pick his brain about other ways to use it, dive into it and explain what could you be using and should be using. Without further ado, I’m going to switch over here to Wilco.

Wilco, welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me, Brad. How are you?

I’m great. Where are you at again? Are you in the Netherlands?

I am in the Netherlands.

You get to play Santa Claus on this show. You get to deliver some presents to my people in the form of cool knowledge. A lot of podcasts and interviews go back into these big backstories. Tell me about your childhood. Tell me how you got into this entrepreneurship etc.

I’ll keep it short. It’s a pretty long story. When I was sixteen, I’m pretty sure you know The Matrix. Every character has their own sunglass, every character like Neo and all of them.

I was sixteen and I was like, “I want to have those sunglasses.” They were not for sale here in the Netherlands, but they were in the United States.

The shipping costs were quite high. I figured I should put something online and I’m going to ask other people, “Do you want to order together? You pay me and I’ll put an order out. I’ll get all the sunglasses and I’ll ship them back to you.”

I thought it was good and maybe I’ll get a free sunglass out of it because I have a little margin. After two months or a month and a half or so, I’d sold €17,000 worth of sunglasses and that was not what I expected.

Back then, buying things online wasn’t as big as it is now and my parents were old fashioned. I had to explain to them that people pay me €17,000 and I am going to put an order out to some company in the United States that we don’t know for the sunglasses.

It all went well, although I didn’t take into account some taxes and things. I didn’t make any profit out of it, but it was an amazing lesson to see the potential of what an online business had. To get €17,000 in revenue as a sixteen year old was incredible.

I kept doing that every summer. I kept selling sunglasses and overtime I shifted to water products as well. They are real tangible products that you have to ship them out to all the customers.

After a while, that wasn’t for meant for me. I was more of the marketing guy who sells them, but I wasn’t enjoying backing on those things and sending out. After a while, I shifted to an online business.

First of all, I started out doing Adsense and Adwords, pretty much what a lot of people have been doing and all of that was focused on the Dutch market only. Years ago, I switched to an English spoken market which includes the United States.

That’s when everything went even bigger because the market was a lot bigger. That’s the real short story of how I got started as being an entrepreneur online.

You went off to launch of a brand new software tool that makes it easy for people to use Facebook Ads. You can explain a lot better than I can, but Facebook lead generation ads especially for mobile advertising.

I didn’t mention this in the introduction, but the three pieces of software I’d use of yours, you may have more that I am not familiar with, but it’s the ConnectLeads. This is where people can integrate the new Facebook lead generation ads in their autoresponse without any hassle.

If you have tried to do this you know you have to connect to the Facebook API and that’s a pain in the ass, it is no fun. You make it easy for people to build Facebook custom audiences which I believe that most of my audience should be familiar with simply by their autoresponder.

I love that feature. It has been so cool and I have been playing with it. You have another one that I have been using called UpViral which allows you to run these viral contests and giveaways with incentivized sharing, points, and all this other stuff.

You came off the launch with the ConnectLeads. You want to tell more a little more about that. I want to talk about the more about the advance strategies or things that you see that are working in that market and how people can use them.

Facebook have loads of users a big part of the user base have over 650 million people they are only using their mobile phones. There is a big part that only uses on their mobile as well as computers also, but a big part only uses it on a mobile phone.

For Facebook, that’s a problem because a lot of advertisers that are having a hard time getting a profit on the mobile users I’m sure you know one of the best ways to convert those people is to get them into your funnel. Let them subscribe to your email list, build a relation then sell them something.

When people are on the mobile device they’re doing stuff, they’re in a hurry, busy doing whatever. Which means if they are going to click on your app, it’s because the ad seemed interesting.

It doesn’t mean that they are going to type out their whole name and their email address on such a tiny keyboard they’re busy so they’ll do it later on a desktop it’s much easier.

Facebook recognized it as well and that’s why they released a new feature or kind advertisement called Facebook lead ads. This is available to any advertiser on Facebook.

What this ad does is, compared to a normal ad where if you would click on it it would bring you to the website and on your website you can have an opt in form or a sales page or whatever.

What this new ad does is when you click on it, it will automatically open up a pop up inside your Facebook ad on your mobile device. You don’t need to wait for a page to load and inside that pop up, your details are already filled up.

Always try to focus on the end goal of what people actually want. Share on X

Your name, your email address, if you want to have your gender in there, your occupation or your relationship status, everything that Facebook have, you can include that in that form. It’s all prewritten you don’t need to type it in. All you need to do is tap on it and their email addresses are being collected.

That’s what Facebook released. It’s awesome. First results that I have been seeing from various people, they are paying around half of what they are paying before.

There is one big problem. Let’s say you run a Facebook lead ad and say, “Click here and you’ll get this ebook or you’ll sign up for the webinar.” That’s one of the common uses. You give them something in return for an email address. That’s what works best.

Let’s say you do that. People click on it and submit their email, you know what happens after they click on that? Nothing. Here’s the thing, Facebook does collect the email address, but they don’t send it your way.

The only way to get those email address is to log in your Facebook page and download a CSV file of all the email addresses that they have collected. If you want to send out something to your audience then you have to download that CSV file every single time and upload it to your autoresponder.

You’re left to do that in every single one of those ads separately. When I tried this feature out I was, “This was awesome,” and I figured that I’m going to export that CSV file once a day.

I did that and I imported it into my autoresponder and I get all types of replies back like “Who are you?” They had already forgotten that they had subscribed to me the day before.

The only way to make that work if I would export and upload it every single hour of the day which is virtually impossible at least for most people who are sleeping and all of that.

We then started working on a solution which is called ConnectLeads. It integrates Facebook lead ads with your autoresponder.

Every time someone subscribes to your Facebook lead ad, Facebook the sends us a message in real-tim. We immediately send it over to any of your autoresponder or email list. For example, if you’re inviting them to a webinar, all the sytems are already itegrated.

That means that instead of downloading that CSV file every single time from now on if they click on it the email will go straight to your autoresponder. They will get whatever you promised them right away.

To me, that sounds logical. This is the only way you can make use of Facebook lead ads. It is an awesome feature, but without a solution like this it’s going to be tough to make it work, but with this feature the results are incredible. That’s the long version of, “What this tool does.”

What I want people to understand is, this is not some hyper-advanced strategy that is, “Too advanced for me.” In order to use one of the best features of Facebook, you need this. I am recommending and I am not making an affiliate thing off of this at all. Go buy this if you’re Facebook advertising.

It makes Facebook work better. Understand that Facebook is not created by marketers it’s by software engineers. They aren’t thinking ahead, “We’re making this feature available. It’s going to be a pain for the people to use, but we don’t care. It’s available. We’ll figure it out as we go.”

This is a great example of finding a market opportunity and seizing it right away. Facebook lead ads hasn’t been out for that long. How long did it take you to develop and get the software out? You had to be working quick on it.

We did. We were lucky that we had a big part of it already working without even realizing it. The thing is Facebook has an API which is similar to a system tool. Let our software talk with their software.

They have two types, the normal one which everyone can get access to and the ads API access that is something that a few companies have like AdEspresso and Qwaya and a few others. A few months prior we have been working on another tool and they granted us access to the Facebook API platform.

We are working together with Facebook. They have to check everything. It’s like a tree stack process where they go through all bases, who’s working, all your numbers and things like that. How does this server work? Is it all compliant? We were already working that.

The big part of that tool had an overlap with what this tool is because it is all in the same infrastructure and it’s all in the same system. We had a head start without even realizing it. Even so, we had worked hard like I said if you see a marketable opportunity.

Besides that, I was waiting to get my hands on it myself because I wanted to get to use those lead ads effectively. We wanted to be the first to market and to make sure like, “We wanted to have this out as soon as possible.”

BWB Wilco | New Facebook Advertising Strategies

New Facebook Advertising Strategies: Understand that Facebook is not created by marketers; it’s by software engineers.


We didn’t stop working. Every weekend, every single day, we were working away, testing things out. To be honest, we could have launched it even earlier, but I’d like to test it out well. I invited over a group of beta testers. We wanted to make it perfect before showing it to the world.

I don’t want to be some who releases software like that wasn’t 100% tested. We decided to give it a month of testing as well and after that, we were ready to roll.

I remember seeing when you came out thinking that somebody who is jumping on this train is going to make a lot of money by creating that solution. Everybody like myself was out there googling, “Is there a way to connect this that’s easier?”

Here’s what I want to go into some of the actual strategies for my audience out there. If this above your head a little bit if you’re not Facebook advertising A, start Facebook Advertising and B, if you’re not, go grab the software and stuff and start to learn.

I am now going to allow you guys to eavesdrop on conversations that I want to have because I want to learn about real use scenarios. I have been using this stuff and Wilco has. Wilco has been working with customers of his and probably friends and colleagues who had a lot of success.

I’m going to start asking real-world scenarios, best cases and mistakes to avoid. If this over your head at all, first of all I encourage you to continue to listen because you’ll learn something but number two, if you like it go grab the software and put it to work.

Go grab the three of them. They are ConnectLeads, Connect Audience, we won’t go to terrible details about what they all are.

ConnectAudience is the ability to integrate your autoresponder like in Infusionsoft, GetResponse or AWebber or whatever and immediately create custom audiences that you can market to and create lookalike audience without going into Facebook.

UpViral which I mentioned before allows you to do these viral giveaways and contests where people get extra points for sharing on social media. I have tried some of these.

Here is where I am going to start to ask you some questions, Wilco it’s about best practices and mistakes that people might make, including me.

Back to ConnectLeads version. One of the things as eCommerce marketers know is getting someone to purchase on a mobile phone is the holy grail, it’s hard to do.

I’ve done a good job of creating 35% to 45% leads on one campaign that I ran during that give away you recommended in your course. I had one person go through and purchase off their mobile phone.

I know that’s an issue for a lot of people that goes into the power of having a good email copy making sure that you nurture them and get them back to ideally buy with the web.

Also, we don’t have to go into all the details because I know in the course you said, “Let’s only keep this for ConnectLeads audiences.” I started to use the hack that you found to make the Facebook lead ads which are only available to only mobile phones also available on desktop.

I seem to have some success with that one. I want to thank you for that strategy. That was cool, but are there any things you recommend that you’ve seen people do? I mean it’s one thing to build the leads. Is there anything that comes to mind to help encourage consumption?

The commonly made mistake or something that’s no different from a normal ad. Let’s put it like this, a lot of people have been trying to use a lead ad and they look the same.

You still have an image and you still have a title of the text so it looks the same as a normal ad. I’ve seen a lot of people copy the ad that they already have. There is a problem with that because in a normal ad, the only thing you get from your audience is to click on it.

Once they click on it on the actual optimum page that’s where you will do the rest of the convincing. In the actual ad, you’re teasing them a bit. You are trying to tease them enough that they would click on it.

They don’t have to be already convinced that they’re going to subscribe right away, because on the optimum page you have more leverage get.

You can send a video or whatever, but you can do more convincing and a big part of those people are not going to sign up, but at least you'd had the opportunity.

Giveaways should be valuable enough that people would be happy to pay for it. Share on X

The ad is about getting them to click on your website. With a Facebook lead ad, they’re going to subscribe right away easier, but they’re still going to subscribe you are teasing them to click they might not be convinced yet to subscribe.

The main thing that needs to be taken into account is a Facebook lead ad needs to be more descriptive. From within the ad it needs to be clear what they will get. If you’re going to tease them and make them click then they might not subscribe.

In my ad I make it clear. I have one of the ads say something similar to, “If you click here you would get access to our three-part video series that will get you this and that.”

They know exactly what they will be getting before even clicking on it and that’s important. The second thing that I see people do is, they talk about technicalities.

They talk about things, “Click here to subscribe to our free webinar.” Nobody wants to subscribe to a free webinar. They want to join but that’s not the real thing that they want.

They want the result of.

What you want to do is, you want to say something similar to, “How to double the number of clients you get every week.”

How to lose weight without dieting?

“How to double the number of clients you get every week without being trapped in your business,” something like that. That’s the distinction of being awesome versus the perfect outcome and the problem they’re having. That for me always works best.

Those are two things to take into account. Always try to focus on the end goal of what they want. If possible even tie in the problem, “How to be awesome without the sucking part?” Do and try to be more descriptive than you usually are.

If someone sees your ad, they know what they will be getting. You can even, for example, include an image of your ebook cover to make it clear that they are going to get that ebook or whatever.

Try to communicate as clearly as possible the what the end goal is and what they are going to get exactly. That’s going to help you a lot to get results using that.

One of the lead ads that I was using was getting success getting these 40% leads which I was happy with, and what you talked about and ties up with UpViral as well a little bit, is doing giveaways. What I did was, there’s a coffee mug.

You were talking about the Duck Dynasty market giving away figurines and I was giving these away to all the fans, etc. Send your email to win.

Surprisingly, that was all I did. I had this coffee mug and had the sign on it which says, “If you love this we’re giving away this free mug, enter below to win.” I was surprised, I don’t have the exact stats in front of me, but I was surprised on how many people clicked that and opted in potentially to win.

They went to an UpViral page and I asked them to share for more chances to win. On this one, I was disappointed in the few shares. This was not a sexy offer that I knew going into it. Not everybody is dying on this coffee mug everywhere.

That also tells me that it wasn’t the cool enough mug for people who don’t want to share. That being said with the giveaways, that’s a strategy that you probably haven’t used in a while. I want to continue to use it because it worked well.

I was talking with a friend of mine who’s a major t-shirt seller. When I told him my results he was like, “I need to do this again because those worked well.” He said, “I don’t know if you have any experience with this, but some of the most success I have in giving have always been an Amazon GiftCard.”

“I tried to give away the product they’re buying and all of the other stuff, but when I use an Amazon Gift card, I seem to get one million leads.” Have you tried that?

I never tried that and I don’t think I’m ever going to try. I disagree a bit on that, because the way I see it whenever I am giving away I make sure that it is specific to an audience.

BWB Wilco | New Facebook Advertising Strategies

New Facebook Advertising Strategies: Nobody wants to subscribe to a free webinar. They want to join but that’s not the real thing that they want; they want the result of it.


The way that I feel is when it’s going to be too generic like money or a gift card. The only people that are going to draw are people who want that gift card. It doesn’t mean that they are interested in whatever niche you are in and your end goal is to sell those people whatever you are selling.

Maybe toys for dogs or whatever. You want to appeal the right kind of people. I’d rather have half the people, but they are all interested in the niche that I am in than a ton of people who are interested in the Amazon gift card. That’s my opinion and that’s why I always go for specific giveaways.

Not that you know that, I remember the conversation, he said he was giving away the shirt. He was adding the gift card as a bonus. I take that back so, “Win this t-shirt and a $50 gift card.” He was using that, not putting a picture of the gift card up there.

That sounds like a better idea already.

The other types of giveaways are those primarily the ones that you’ve used that worked well. Find the product those people want and look up in here for the giveaway and ask them to share. Is it that simple or there are other strategies that worked well for you?

In a way that’s simple, but you want to make sure. Like what you said before, it also depends on what you are giving away. First of all, my rule of thumb is it should be valuable enough that people would be happy to pay for it.

If you are going to give them something, if you share X amount with your friends, then you get this and you have a chance of winning this. If they won’t be ready to pay for whatever you offered then it means it is not valuable enough to them.

What people needs to understand is, if you’re asking for someone to share your campaign with their friends, they are making a transaction. It is a social transaction, they are making a payment not with money, but with sharing.

It still feels like they are making that commitment. If they’re trading that share with their friends in return for something else, if that something else is not valuable enough in their opinion then they won’t be willing to share. That’s the first rule.

Secondly, it has to be unique. By unique I mean there should be no easier way to get it. If you are giving away something, you can share this you’ll get this and that. If they know they can get something similar somewhere else for free or easier for a lower threshold to get it then they will go for that way.

That’s also one of the reasons why I have seen a lot of successful people who make whatever they are giving away more unique. I’ve seen people do it with signed autographs. If someone is famous they’ll do a signed autograph and things like that. That makes a unique for definition.

There is no way they can get the same book somewhere else because this one was signed by the author. That makes it more valuable.

Even just a book.

Those are two things. It has to be valuable, perceived as being valuable to that person. Secondly, there should be no easier way of getting the same thing. The easiest way to get what they want should be by sharing with their friends. If that makes sense.

You brought up a strategy that I was brainstorming with a client of mine and he’s in the dating and advice niche. He teaches men on how to be better with women and he’s high into coaching and info products.

One of the big problems with that market, there are certain things on Facebook that you cannot advertise like dating advice or weightloss pills or anything that they consider too hype-y or whatnot. However, we were talking about a strategy.

Find something that your target market would like and it doesn’t need to be advice. It doesn’t need to be a book on how to do whatever, but it could be something that they would like.

Maybe it’s a book by a popular author that they would like. In the dating advice world, I don’t know if you are familiar with Neil Strauss. He’s the best selling author and he has a lot of fans.

You can target him you can target people who like dating advice or the game, but you can give away a signed copy of Neil’s book assuming you can get that, my client can easily get that. Give away something that your target market would like.

You’re not selling dating advice, “This is a great book.” Only advertise that to your demographic 25 to 45 single men who like Neil Strauss. Who like the game, who like this and the other, if they are opting in to get something the target market would like.

The easiest way to get what people want should be by sharing with their friends. Share on X

Now that they are on your email list. You have bypassed the Facebook “quality filter” and now you can market to them. It’s probably a cool way that certain marketers can get Facebook traffic without coming in the side door.

I don’t have experience with that niche of Facebook so I can’t comment on that, but it could work.

Any Facebook you can dial in your target market whether it is people who like Jenny Craigan and weight loss stuff. IF you have a weight loss book that doesn’t want you to do it give your supply away to weightloss shakers.

These are somethings that have been going through my mind in about how to help my clients better as well as how to help the stuff that I am doing. This is something that I like and I want to bring up.

The other cool thing when somebody opts in on that giveaway ad you can immediately create an audience in Facebook from the opt-ins. Somebody sees it in their mobile, click that.

You’re creating an audience and let’s say you got 100 leads that have come in $0.40 a lead which is pretty cheap with one click of a button you can create a lookalike audience of those people.

Those are good people if they’re going to see a Facebook lead ad and opt-in, those are the kind of people you typically want to create look alike because they are clickers and opt-inners.

You can create more ads to those people. I know that look alike audience have been the successful things that I’ve run on Facebook. I like that fact that it’s so easy to create it inside your system.

One of the other questions I wanted to ask you is back to the giveaway and how this works. You don’t have to give exact names or giveaway private stuff.

In general, what’s some of the most successful giveaways that you’ve seen that you’ve talked to people running, “These people absolutely murdered it.”

We have a couple of various customers who’ve done over six figures in leads, not in dollars but the amount of leads. Over 100,000 leads and one did in the first month using UpViral.

I interviewed him because I’ve seen a lot of people using UpViral, over 100,000 new subscribers in the first month of trying that’s pretty awesome.

That’s the customer I don’t want to spoil the campaign. If would talking about my campaign. One of the things that I did was I had a simple tool that I was planning on selling, but I wasn’t sure.

I figured I should create a simple opt-in page as people opt-in I go on and say, “Get five of your friends to sign up and you get free access.” Super simple stuff. It’s called Tweet Leading if someone goes into Twitter right now and you Google for TweetLead or

I’m betting you see a lot of people tweeting about it every single day. It’s going into a viral loop because people are spreading it and they’re inviting their friends. The difference is this, I’ve been using a lot of so-called shares to get tools.

It means that, “If you share this you’ll get X, Y, Z.” The problem is that you are trading a share and a share on itself is worthless that’s not the end goal because people share it around or they share it on a fake account and delete it right after.

The end goal is to get new people onto your list. Once you give them accountability you can say, “If you can get five of your friends to sign up then you will get access to this.” What happens is that people start to share it more often.

I found out that with this campaign on Twitter itself, on average they share it 2.6 times each because they keep on sharing and using UpViral we are sending them multiple emails.

If one of their friends sign up they will get an email automatically saying, “Congratulations you now only need four more.” Here are your other links you can add their buttons inside the email so they can share right away on Facebook, on Twitter, etc.

We are keeping in track how many of their friends subscribe. They will keep on sharing until they log that. For that particular campaign, I am looking at the stats right now. We did over 12,000 leads, that’s 280,000 business of people who are sharing it with their friends.

BWB Wilco | New Facebook Advertising Strategies

New Facebook Advertising Strategies: The point of UpViral is to make the whole invite base system and the old viral referral system accessible to anyone.


Because they want access to the program.

This is in the internet marketing niche. A lead is usually $1 or $2. Twelve thousand leads, that’s already good. We were talking about ConnectLeads and the launch. I am not sure if you’ve seen it but before ConnectLeads I did a pre-launch, have you seen that one?


What I always like to do and this is a common sales strategy, I trip out three high-quality figures beforehand. I tell people what Facebook leads are and how it works and I shared strategies.

First of all I educate and build a relationship with potential customers and the end goal is after the third video is, “I teach you a lot, but I’m going to release this new tool which is ConnectedLeads. You can get access here and ask me if you try it out.”

What I did on top of those three videos, I created the fourth video. In every one of these videos, I told them, “If you can get three of your friends to subscribe then you will get a fourth bonus video that we made especially for those who are awesome enough to invite your friends over to this video.”

We had a ton of affiliates mailing for that pre-launch, but what people don’t know is that most of the traffic came from people sharing it with their friends way more than we got from affiliates. People are like, “I’m getting this free content and if I get three of my friends to sign up I get another video.”

For them, it was already enough to keep on sharing that. These are some of the results that how I am using UpViral myself in business.

You’re getting them no matter what. Share if this if it’s useful, share this you’ll get the next content that way you’ll know that they want the content. They’re not sitting back. That’s one of the problems when somebody opts-in for a three-part video series.

Sometimes they don’t want all three of them. Sometimes it’s not interacting, but if you’re starting to see in order to get video number two you have to share video number one. If people are sharing that you start to see that people want video number two.

They’re sharing it same as video number three and four and that’s a cool strategy that you are using. The tweet leads that’s one that people can go and I remember that.

People will sign up and they’ll see it in action and if they share it with five of their friends they’ll get free access as well.

Have you ever came across the website

I have, but I am not sure what they do.

I came across this and I thought that, “This is pretty brilliant.” Pretty brilliant and the stuff that he is doing.

That’s the same exact strategy.

I’m curious we don’t have to go all of it here. I am curious if UpViral because if you have the ability to do everything he’s doing because of long story short you can go to and you won’t be able to get into the list.

“You can’t get me into your email list unless someone else shares their invite with you. Go find one.” He tells you to go search Twitter. You have to go look, talk about micro commitment.

Go look for a link to join the email list and then he’ll give one email a day unless you share this with five of your friends. If five of your friends sign up, not only will you get one email a day I’ll give you access to all the archives as well.

It’s a smooth and brilliant way that he has done this and I want to use UpViral to do something similar in a different market. I was curious if you’d seen that in the past or not.

To get results from your ads, you must try to communicate clearly what the end goal is and what people are going to get exactly. Share on X

I’ve seen it and it’s on my list because we want to add features based on this idea. With UpViral, the registration is always open it does not invite only if it makes sense. It’s one of the things that we are planning on adding later.

I was amazed not by how the system works, but more importantly what results they’re getting. I don’t know what the numbers are exactly, but I’ve seen him sharing some figures and it was all over. While I am watching the page it’s saying that it has a close to 24,000 people signed up already.

Without having an opt-in page on his page. Without being able to subscribe that proves the point right there and that’s what we are planning on adding to UpViral.

I’ve spoken to him on email a little bit and I was asking him, he came out with a $300 program which was expensive for what you got by the way. It’s one video talking about the strategy, talking about what he did.

The problem is he didn’t talk at all about any of the technology used to create it. I was asking him, most of it was custom quoted. There is no off the shelf solution that he used to make this easy. If you wanted to recreate it, you have to be a programmer or hire one.

That’s the point of UpViral to make the whole invite base system and the old viral referral system, to make it accessible to anyone.

We are coming up on your hard stop point here and you’re going to do some celebration. This has been great though. I love these tools you’ve put together. I am actively using them and figuring it out as I go and stumbling around until I get the sweet spot, but I am having fun with it.

It’s a cool tool. The three tools that I am using and it seems to work well together. If you can give the URLs where the people will go to check them all out. Is it Connectio?

It’s best to go to that’s where you will get access to ConnectLeads. ConnectAudience is not available to the, we only made it available to those who purchased ConnectLeads.

If you get ConnectLeads right after you can get the opportunity to purchase connect Audience before anyone else can. UpViral is located at you will get all the details right there

I am a big proponent of them. You’re doing awesome stuff and once more I look forward to putting these to work even more. I will share the results with you if ever you want to.

My goal is to be so awesome that you’re going to be, “Brad, we need to do a case study with you because you had 100,000 leads in a day.

I’d love that.

That would be fun. Wilco enjoy the time with the family and thanks for stopping by the show. You shared some great stuff.

No problem. Thanks for having me. I hope you get to enjoy your time with your friends and family. I’m not sure what your plans are, but I hope you have a great time.

I look forward to keeping in contact with you by Facebook and email and everything else so I can share my results and keep spreading the good stuff you are doing.

Thanks, I appreciate it a lot.

Subscribe to iTunes if you are enjoying this. Send me an email if you want to ask me questions and if you want to recommend any guests.

Send me an email to I’m here and I am willing to help you guys out. Without further I ado, I will see you at the next episode.

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Currently (2014) mainly focusing on SaaS ventures. This year alone I founded VideoSkinZoSocial and re-launched SEO Rank Monitor – and there’s more to come.

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