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Heroic Hospitality and Empowering Employees To Create Raving Fans with Mario Nocifera


In today's episode of Bacon Wrapped Business, I'm excited to welcome Mario Nocifera, a seasoned entrepreneur and renowned hospitality consultant, for an enlightening discussion on transforming customers into passionate advocates and empowering our workforce.

Mario is the founder and CEO of Birdseye Hospitality, a renowned hospitality consultant and serial entrepreneur as well as the owner of Denver's hottest nightclub, an immersive art dance bar called Beacon.

We start by delving into the art of cultivating robust customer relationships, turning fleeting interactions into lasting, positive experiences. Mario brings to light his own experiences at Beacon, a Denver nightclub renowned for its above-and-beyond customer service.

We dive deep into the significance of nurturing a workplace culture that motivates employees to consistently exceed customer expectations. Overcoming the hurdles of retraining existing staff and the importance of beginning with a well-defined plan take center stage in this conversation.

Our conversation turns personal as Mario recounts his journey from a failed restaurant venture to his flourishing consultancy at Birdseye Hospitality. His resilience through 2020 fiasco and the strategic pivots made during this period provide invaluable lessons for businesses.

Mario sheds light on the steps to creating an exceptional hospitality experience from an owner's viewpoint. We dissect the dynamics of rehiring and reintroducing rules within a culture gone astray, adjusting schedules and tasks, and the significance of empathy in understanding different perspectives.

This episode of Bacon Wrapped Business is not to be missed if your business hinges on direct customer interactions. Mario Nocifera's wisdom and insights on creating raving customers and cultivating a driven workforce will arm you with the tools needed to elevate your business.

Contact to inquire about his services that he offers to hospitality based businesses.


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