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MoneyPress Method: The Overlooked Options Strategy For Weekly Paychecks Without The Risk


About This Episode:

Preston James & Mike Curtis from Trader’s Edge are experts in creating weekly income streams using a simple but often overlooked Options strategy that they call “The MoneyPress Method.”

Many new investors are intimidated by options because they don’t understand them or think they’re too risky. And they can be if you’re speculating on wild swings.

But when you use methods like the MoneyPress, it lets you focus on earning weekly income while other people speculate on the price and simultaneously limiting your downside risk.

Experienced investors often over complicated options strategies and completely overlook this simple method to produce income week-over-week.

What You'll Discover:
  • Generate a “Money Press” of consistent weekly income streams with just a small $5,000 account
  • Create cash flow you can count on by selling options, without needing to predict market direction.
  • Escape the day trading hamster wheel and make profits in under 60 minutes a week.
  • Tap into a cash machine that keeps paying every 7 days like clockwork as time decay works in your favor.
  • How to buy cheap “insurance” on trades so you limit risk and sleep easy at night knowing your downside is protected.
  • Follow proven “setups” to select prime stocks and entry points – no need to guess.
  • Target blue chip stocks, not risky penny stocks, to execute this low-risk weekly income strategy.
  • Get access to 20+ years of trading experience – learn over the shoulder from seasoned options experts

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