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How Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero Reinvented Herself With Bravery, Passion and The Desire To Make A Difference


In times of uncertainty and grave dangers to our health and economy, two character traits will carry us through: Bravery and Reinvention.

Companies, executives, entrepreneurs and employees are being forced to endure challenges, pivot their business models, change their ways of thinking and make bold moves.

Few people personify both bravery and reinvention like today’s guest, Lisa Guerrero.

Known by millions as the award winning Chief Investigative Correspondent of TV’s “Inside Edition” news show, Lisa consistently faces difficult situations with confidence and strength as she investigates and exposes corruption and deceit at every level of society.

What most of her fans and followers don’t know is her heroic story of tragedy, triumph and reinvention at every stage of her career.

Lisa went from

  • Child Actress to
  • LA Rams Cheerleader to
  • Sports Broadcaster to
  • Investigative Journalist on national television to
  • Playboy Celebrity Cover Model at age 40
  • Mosaic Artist to
  • Published Author to
  • Singer/Songwriter to
  • Philanthropist

And every step of the way required her bravery and courage to redefine who she was every step of the way.

Lisa Guerrero

Millions of people have seen her dramatic confrontation with the slimy televangelist Kenneth Copeland in what she has called “one of the wildest interviews we’ve done for Inside Edition.”

Lisa questioned Copeland about his refusal to fly in commercial airplanes, opting instead to purchase expensive private jets funded by his donors followed by Copeland’s sexist and inappropriate comments such as calling her “sweetheart” and “baby.”

These names and other comments may have distracted other reporters, but Lisa’s years of experience as one of the nation’s top female sportscasters, who has interviewed players in locker rooms and on the field taught her that tactfully deflecting inappropriate comments with humor and professionalism.

Lisa’s powerful journey to bravery started early in her life: after losing her mother to lymphoma at the age of eight, her father helped her develop her own courage through the therapeutic outlets of acting and sports.

As her confidence grew stronger, she strove to live up to her last name, which translates to “warrior,” by tirelessly fighting for those who need a voice.

As a passionate supporter of women’s empowerment, Lisa has courageously spoken out about her own experiences of sexual harassment during the #MeToo movement and she has also sponsored scholarships for the next generation of Latina journalists through the Investigative Reporters and Editors Foundation.

She began her #BeingBrave campaign as a way of inspiring young women to find their inner superhero and now speaks publicly about how women can practice bravery in their own lives.

As an investigative journalist, Lisa valiantly dives into some of the darkest areas of society while reopening cold cases and researching and confronting criminals and scam artists.

Yet throughout Lisa’s incredible journey, she has encountered many people who are doing their best to help and uplift others as well, and she shines her spotlight on those positive causes.

She continues her parents’ legacy of supporting the Salvation Army and, in memory of her mother, and is a major supporter of the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

Most recently, as Lisa reports from the frontlines of COVID-19 and delivers crucial updates to millions of viewers, she also uses her platforms to inform her audience about areas they can help and where their donations can provide relief when it’s needed the most.

In this interview, Lisa shares how her trademark bravery has helped her to overcome obstacles and achieve success, tells us about some of her current and upcoming projects, and inspires us all to strengthen the muscle of bravery every day.

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How losing her mother at a young age set in motion Lisa’s lifelong journey of courage and creativity
  • Leaps of faith that have resulted in amazing and unexpected opportunities
  • How Lisa’s fearless approach to life helped her break into and succeed in diverse areas: from sportscasting and investigative journalism to country music and mosaic art
  • Causes Lisa champions and the difference advocacy makes in people’s lives
  • Concrete steps young people can take to make a difference in the world, even in the time of COVID-19 and social distancing

And if that weren't enough you can also see Lisa appearing with country music star Keith Burns as a co-writer and singer on the hit “Everybody Loves A Comeback” which she wrote the original version overnight, in a hotel to win a $20 bet.

To learn more about Lisa or contact her for speaking, philanthropic activities or to simply follow her as she investigates injustice while  follow her on all major social media platforms @4lisaguerrero on Twitter and Instagram or visit her website:

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